Everything you see in society started out as an idea; a concept. Nelson Mandela introduced new ideas to the world in order to promote a positive change. His enlightened perspective and wisdom are engraved in the world and his words remain evergreen.

How important is it to have positivity in your work/life balance? What are you doing with your precious human hours to fulfill your dreams in your career and your heart? 

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 11.56.10 PM

Let’s imagine ourselves with a little free time for a moment, to consult or employ that expert of words and ideas. With the abundance amount of free space in Content Marketing and the 8-Second Rule of Attention, according to INC, sometimes we think a concept or idea built from words just isn’t going to cut it. We begin to sink in that heavy, dirty quicksand of self-doubt.

But stop! You don’t have to drown in your own negativity. I’m here to toss you a peppermint life ring! Reach out and take hold. I’ll pull you safely to solid ground and slide you into the positive Evergreen of Words written by a copywriter with a big smile on her face saying:


Here are four 2018 copywriting best practices for blogging that are fresh and clean:

  1. 2,500 word count
  2. Backlinks
  3. Title length should be 11-14 words
  4. Anchor text, Partial Anchor text and Exact-Match Anchor text throughout

As we all know, readers expect and have fallen deeply for lovely Infographics… After all, what’s a word without an image? An actor without his stage? How can you see the Cheetos without the cheese?


But don’t break for lunch just yet! Grab these excellent foreshadowing trends by HubSpot on brilliant imaginary!!

Below is a list of 11 themes – Blast off into mystical lands of Evergreen with hues of Spring while travelling down nature’s trail with Mandela:

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 11.57.19 PM.png

  1. Fantasy. Yes, Unicorns!
  2. Draw attention to that bold image with crisp and clean white space.
  3. Our beautiful and magnificent Earth surrounded by the vastness of space. Thank you, Elon Musk!
  4. My Favorite, Marble coloring—finally!
  5. Spring has sprung so toss in those pastels.
  6. Women moving onward, marching to their best! Proud!
  7. The luscious, but prickly cactus – a total sense of strong, bold and beautiful.
  8. Crafts! It’s messy and sticky… Just kidding. There’s no mess here because it’s a Digital Craft!
  9. Yep, let’s meditate. Take a deep breath and get your Zen on.
  10. No surprise here, yes its Bitcoin.
  11. Last, but not least – it’s Holographic Foil!!!

2018 is officially here, so entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers, writers and Elon Musk, let’s blast off in our SHINY Silver rockets into the positive Evergreen — and wash away that negative quicksand!

With words, concepts and positivity in our pockets, we’re bound for success!


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

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