Professional Gamer: So You Want To Be One Too

Being paid to play video games may seem like the easiest job in the world, and there are plenty of games that pay real money out there for gamers to choose from to help them make some money. However, there is a lot more to earning from gaming that’s unknown to most. Games are intended for leisure and entertainment, but now they’re used to generate revenue that sustains tournaments as well as multimillion-dollar expert competitions. A professional gamer needs to have restraint and determination since the challenges they go through are numerous going beyond the game as well as during the game.

Many parents do not hold a high opinion about what gaming entails but passion, team playing, and an increasing receptivity to e-sports career are increasing the competitiveness of gaming than ever before. The main thing is that moving from playing for fun and becoming a pro. This depends on someone recognizing your ability and enlisting you to a recognized team. Age is not a limit in the gaming profession which has professional competitors from age of thirteen years and above.

Although recently recognized by the US, gamers as professional athletes had been taking part in many highly-paid competitions. An example is a recently held competition, the DOTA 2 championships. There were 16 teams made up of two of the best DOTA world-renown players. These teams were battling for the share of over $2.8 million.


10 Basic Tips To Becoming A Professional Gamer

In order for you to become a pro-gamer, you will require hundreds of practice hours, skill, teamwork, and willpower. Listed below are 10 essential guidelines for you to kick off the gaming profession.

Practice Against AI Or Bots First

This will offer you good practice as you learn the rules of the games. Playing against Bots (Robots) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) will give you such practice in the multiplayer games. You will be able to choose the level of difficulty you want to play and even get the feel of the gamers’ user interface and the controls.

Know The Jargon

Lots of jargon is used in multi-player games and it varies from one game to next. For instance in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) terms like voodoo/hex, stun, neutrals, lane/disable, or ancients are used in games like Heroes of Newerth or DOTA, or Leagues of Legends.

A spirited game needs a strategy, quick and successful communication amongst team members.

Get Some Specialised Gaming Gear

Having the right gaming gear will improve your execution of your strategies during intense tournaments. Gaming headsets bring life to any game-play on your Rig. These come in assorted types to suit the platform you opt for your game-play.

Gaming mouse has extra buttons that allow a player to use the keyboard less. The player has easy access to other features needed all through clashes. They vary between wireless and corded alternatives. Gaming mouse makes use of optical tools that keeps tracks of every mouse movement throughout a game.

Gaming laptops are built for high-performance during tournaments and are mostly custom-made, allowing for easier upgrades that suit the player’s pocket.

Customize Settings For Performance

In order to have high performance on your computer, you will need to reduce the graphic settings of your computer to guarantee you a smoother game-play all through intense clashes.

In the taking of the “beautiful” features will reduce the load of the gaming machines; therefore, you have fewer distractions and better performance.

Be Nice And Friendly

Recognising that even though it’s a competition, it is just a game and everyone is out to have a good game. Being pleasant to strangers will help you find a training mate or better still make a friend. Some of the people you will meet will give you tips and tricks to help you in mastering the game.

Learn And Play Together

Starting to play with actual people will give you a chance to learn from recommendations and tips they give you. This can also be a basis in which you get to choose your teammates. Although meant to be fun, gaming will sometimes get intense leading to disagreements and arguments. You should be ready to work through all these challenges with your team members.

Look For Online Tricks, Tips, And Guides

For you to better understand the gaming technicalities, do some in-depth reading and research to get the necessary knowledge to guide you. The net is a huge resource for you to read in details about gaming. Find out about the different characters, their moves, and skills among others.

Have A Hack-Free Game

Having regular practice and using charts to monitor your team’s performance will facilitate in building a professional career. You need to take every loss and win as learning points in improving your playing style.
Even when you find yourself tempted to use hacks, do not do it. It is considered you are no longer competing. Pro gamers as athletes have fully mastered the game technicalities and use its technicalities to their full advantage.

Watching The Gamers Play

In order for you to get some tips, inspiration, and tricks, watching pro gamer will do just that. Watching the techniques and strategies they use as they play, will help you know, how to handle the gaming challenge when it’s time for you to play. In addition, you can choose to watch tutorials on YouTube where instructors give an explanation of what happens in the game.

Do Your Best

In order for you to attain skill specialization, it is good to work with the combination of class, weaponry, as well as characters that you truly enjoy.

For you to become a really good team player and show the talent and skill for the game, be proficient in the combination you take pleasure in the most, and then team up with equally spirited teammates to help build strength for your team.


Getting started on the journey to pro gaming, playing in against AIs or Bots give you the practice you need. Familiarize yourself with the jargon used in the different games and this goes beyond computer speak. Having the right gaming gear will help in the effective execution of your strategies during gaming clashes.

When interacting with other gamers, play nice to each other. Even though you may be competing, consider that all the players are set to having a fun-filled game. In the process, you will meet very wonderful people who will teach you the ins and outs of gaming, and eventually earn you real-life friends too. For your computer to have high performance, reduce the graphic setting to guarantee a smooth game-play through intense games. Study more about the games and watch the experts play to enhance your knowledge on the games. Learn to play hack-free, like the pro gamers, by mastering and using the technicalities of the different games to your advantage.


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