As every modern business now looks at ways to cut back on expenses, the natural progression seems to be to cut back on staff members. This isn’t the best approach to running a business for blindingly obvious reasons, namely you are doing the corporate equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot if you don’t make the right cuts and end up getting rid of people who are surefire pieces of talent in a growing business. The one main way to keep your staff and your business intact is to cut back on your in-house supplies. Which ones can you cut back on? Let’s look.


As every business now looks to the possibilities of remote working, you can take advantage of this trend by cutting down on your in-house tech and encouraging the use of personal devices at home. With this approach, you don’t even have to have an office at all! The increasing trends of BYOD (bring your own device) does leave you open to more viruses, malware, ransomware and every type of IT problem you can think of. But if you make the most of Business IT Support and Solutions services and implement a secure network that can safely monitor every external computer that connects to it. By cutting back on your tech and relying on staff to use their own equipment, it means a big chunk of finances are saved which can be used to build a strong and secure network and protection protocols.

Phones & Communication

Whether you have remote workers or not, you can cut back on the amount of telecommunication devices and replace that with a reliance on systems like email instead. In an organization where there are only 20 people working, it isn’t essential for every single one of them to have a desk phone. In fact, it would cost less to reimburse staff for making business calls on their mobile or even hand out phones with minimal credit if people would rather not use their phone. For remote workers, there are plenty of tools like Slack or Google Hangouts to take advantage of.

The Office!

The idea of a remote working environment has been so effective that you could get rid of the office and rely on a remote workforce. It can be a viable option for businesses that need to cut back on expenses, and the image of the business can still be maintained by virtual office addresses. And if a meeting needs to be made, then a space can be hired out. An office space for one day a month is cheaper than 31 days a month!

Many companies need to make certain sacrifices to stay afloat, and with no communication boundaries anymore, businesses can easily be run without a member of staff having to set foot in an office! Even for those who feel that the office achieves what no remote workforce can do, these are still suitable and flexible working arrangements to make concessions for. People demand more flexibility in their work now, so by being flexible, you can help slash your budget.   


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