Last year, when someone asked if I want to help out for a few days at his company as a receptionist, I jumped at the chance. The position is currently vacant and they needed someone at the frontline because of a major event held at the premise. If you have been reading MiddleMe, you’ll know that being a L’Oréal receptionist is one of the jobs that I really hanker to do. It is more of fulfilling my quirks in life rather than a real goal or ambition to conquer.

Even though the company is not L’Oréal and I am not paid for except if you count free lunches and rides home as payment, it was truly fun and eye-opening for me. Spending that few days as the face of the company taught me a few lessons that I shall share them here.

By Evan Bench from paris, france – Reception, CC BY 2.0,

First Impression

As mentioned, I was the face of the company, the first person they see and maybe spoke to, the moment they step foot in the office. Whether I was in tip top shape or looking sloppy, it reflects a certain value of the company. Whether they care enough of their image and branding.

Social Networking

The receptionist can be the life of the office. I can stick to my front desk and not talk to anyone. However, I choose to mingle with others at lull periods in order to build networks and keep myself from boredom.

Make or Break Someone’s Day

You can overwhelm a visitor or a colleague with your megawatt smile and greet them a good morning. You can choose to glare down at anyone who walks through the door and make them feel small. Yep, you have that power!


There are just so much nails you can file

Or cat/babies / whatever goes videos you can watch… yes, receptionist work can get mundane and boring. I totally understand why a company will want a receptionist to multitask. I’ve tried to hone my icy glare at the company’s sliding glass doors and so far, not a crack. Well, I tried my best…

You’re the Gateway Goddess

Your mind is so astute and your hearing is so sharp, no one and I mean not even a fly can pass your desk and sneak into the premises. I mean I can make anyone that pass me to barter trade me something in exchange for their entrance. Starbucks coffee, anyone?


That’s how it felt like sometimes. You get to witness commotion, important handshakes and if you’re lucky, sneaky employees who are late for work. Bits of snatched information can be learned if you’re are observant enough. You can even tell who is dating who by their body language as the participants leave the office. Enough material to make TMZ proud.

When the job was accomplished after 3 days, I was both glad and sad. Glad and appreciative that I had this chance to experience what it is like to be the front face of a company (although I still would like to explore what it is like to be a frontal figure at L’Oréal). Sad that the job ended so soon when I am having so much fun. However, as much as I enjoyed the role, I know I am made up of sterner and stronger stuff, a bigger responsible role. 

I enjoyed sharing this with you. Did you enjoy reading it? Let me know in the comments below.

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4 replies on “Intern as a Receptionist

  1. I would love to see you at the front desk, the first person I Witness as I enter your firms offices. I’m sure everyone else shares my sentiments about you being the head receptionist. I know you have bigger fish to fry and many high glass ceilings to shatter in your coming days and years. Wishing you all the best.

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