There was a time when if someone passed away, it only broke the people close to him/her on an emotional level. Sadly, that is not the case today. Today, the family of the dead finds little to no time to actually grieve the passing of their loved one as they are too busy arranging for monetary resources to pay a suitable tribute. No need for sugar-coating, as we all know that in today’s bureaucratized society, funerals are anything but cheap.

Death is not always a subject one likes to talk about or look forward too. But let’s face it, it is an inevitable reality, and none of us can escape. Wouldn’t it be more sensible and smart to begin preparing for it from today onwards?

Enter Funeral Insurance
A funeral insurance plan or policy refers to a fixed monthly payment deposited to cover one’s death expenses. Unlike a lifetime insurance policy, that may or may not be of thousands of dollars, a funeral insurance plan can be for $10,000 or more depending on how simple or profligate a person wants their funeral to be.

How Much Does A Funeral Cost in Australia?
When estimating the costs of a funeral, there are a number of factors that may increase or decrease your funeral expenses. On average, the costs of all the formalities involved from basic costs to the cost of disposal of the ashes are given below:

* Basic funeral costs: Around $3000+

* Burial: $10,000+

* Cremation: $1100+

* Disposal of Ashes: From $1200

Total costs = roughly around $10,000 – $20,000

How Having A Funeral Insurance Plan Benefits You And Your Loved Ones?

Cost-effective means to cover your death expenses: Paying a small monthly payment is easier than having to arrange for thousands of dollars in one go on the day of your funeral. We have already detailed the average funeral costs so one can imagine how hard it would be for the grieving family to arrange for them at a moment’s notice. This makes it a smart and affordable plan to live by, doesn’t it?

A number of providers to choose from: When planning to take out a funeral plan, there are a number of providers from which to choose from. This allows for researching through the best policies and pick the one that caters to your needs and also fits your budget.

Alleviates the monetary stress: Death is always a stressful time for family members. Paying for everything and sorting out funeral-related legalities is the last thing on the mind of a grieving family. The reason why having a funeral plan is smart is because it saves the family from any sort of additional worry that comes with arranging for money and sorting out all the formalities.

A stress-free disbursement: Another great benefit of having a funeral insurance plan is once a claim has been made by the family, the providers will payout within the first 24 hours. What this means is that a family won’t have to delay the funeral due to limited monetary resources. No hassles of scrapping cash or borrowing it from others, only to add more to the worry of paying back.

Gives one peace of mind: Knowing that when you leave, you will only be leaving behind happy memories for your family is a relief. This is exactly what a funeral insurance plan promises –one less thing to worry about.

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13 replies on “You Won’t Live Forever: The Need to Have a Funeral Insurance Plan

  1. Among my peers, prepaying for your own passing is popular. Everything from flowers to service/ no service, cremation/burial. All the details worked out before. Many local Funeral homes offer this, and with escalating prices it also saves money as the bill is paid in full ahead of time.

    Well done article. Thank you.

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    1. For the Asians, death and funeral are still a taboo subject to bring up. Our grandparents and our parents, our elderly expect us to pick up the bill for them… likewise the cycle goes on.

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  2. Hi Kally, my mom, sister and I just did this last month!!
    My sister’s husband died in a car wreck 2 yrs ago. It was so nerve wracking, trying to figure out how to pay for it!! Most people think life insurance will pay for it. Not really, that usually takes 6 weeks to pay out! Sis was stunned. So, now we all 3 have plans, that we are making payments on. Definitely peace of mind!
    I chose cremation, barest of basics, for $2,100.00.
    Great post!! Thank you! Everyone needs to do this!!

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    1. I’m sorry to learn about your brother-in-law demise. How has your sister been coping? It is always important to plan the inevitable and don’t delay just because you think it will not happen sooner. I’m already planning for my little one, to make sure she is well taken care of, should something someday happens to me *touch wood*.

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