Every small business owner starts out with their eyes on the prize. The goal is to succeed. The only way a business can grow is if they know their priorities at the stage they are currently in. In order to make the best of time and money, one must be able to make the best use of them. This is where managing small business payroll comes in. It can take a toll on your resources, especially if you do not focus on important things. In order to help you keep your business on track, there are four things you can always make part of your Human Resource strategy, and save yourself the impending worry and stress. In no time people will be asking you, “How do you do it?”

Classifying Everyone You Hire

Sure, it’s a small business with a very small chain of command, but this does not mean you cannot categorize every employee in order to make the payroll part of your job easier. Even in contracts, you must be able to distinguish between someone you hired who is either a permanent full time employee or an independent contractor. Make this a priority, if the person sticks with you for the long term, this can pose a problem especially when you plan on introducing new responsibilities and benefits to your staff.

Speaking of Benefits

When you are a small business owner, you are always obligated to offer all of your employees some sort of benefits. The type of industry you work in usually rules the kind of benefit options you have for your employees. You are not obligated to offer all of them. But remember that these play their part in employee retention and attracting new talent.

Estimate Your Taxes for Every Month

There are two very important tasks that you must keep in consideration when you are about to work on paying the payroll each month. The first is knowing how much you really need to pay, the second one is knowing that you have the money saved up to be able to pay. They may seem simple enough, but you may be surprised to know how many managers forget this in the middle of taking care of so many other things about the business.

It helps knowing exactly how much goes out of your pocket each month in paying the employee. When it comes to knowing exactly how much you need to pay, you must be able to plan the payroll in advance.

Also do not forget to fill out the appropriate forms, and make sure everything you do is in compliance to updated regulations. At the end of this, remember to analyze the payroll of every employee in order to understand the exact cost of every employee. When you hire a qualified professional that part is easy, but as a new business why waste that money, when you are really capable of doing all of this yourself. However, remember that the minute you start ignoring these problems, your business will start racking up legal and financial troubles. So when it feels like its too much to handle by yourself, it’s time to contact the professionals.

7 replies on “Guest Post: What You Really Need To Manage Small Business Payroll

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I have had corporate background for more than 20 years. Now I’m venturing out on my own as a freelancer while taking a break. Welcome to MiddleMe!


  1. Payroll solutions are not at all easy to handle in start-ups or small businesses as well because there is so much to do that one could hardly focus on managing payrolls. First of all, there is no scope of any mistake and second is that most of time of a business owner goes in doing and thinking things that can make his business a success. So, payroll solutions is a thing that should be handover to experts or payroll service providers.

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