image Weekly Wisdom 7 February

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  1. You left out the third and most popular option; wandering aimlessly and convincing ourselves that we followed a path after we get there.

    I was wondering if you ever sleep then remembered it’s only 1:44 AM on this side.

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  2. Been reading through your comments Kally- so beautiful to see your love/care for baby Audrey. We have a 4 month old grand-girl and I can just sit for hours with her on my lap and and watch the expressions change on her face. Here’s to new little souls and the people who love them. God bless in all you and Audrey have ahead…

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    • Thank you, Rhonda for your blessings and thoughts for us. Yes, I can now understand how a parent can watch their child sleep for hours. I have now join the millions of mothers in the world to have a phone filled with their child’s photos. Haha!!


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