Dear Kally,

I have been working in my company as an assistant manager for 2 years now and in all, 8 years in the automation manufacturing industry.

Last appraisal in June, my boss told me that I have been earmarked to be taking over his position when he retires at the end of next year and I am very honoured and happy that my work has been recognised. He even jokes lightly about it in front of my peers and the department folks that I am his prodigy, however, I do know ultimately as much as his influences in the company, the department heads will have to vote to go for his choice of replacement when the time comes.

Just a week ago, I received an offer from an external party working at a competitor firm. The position is much higher and there is 50% incremental raise, which is a lot and can help me to provide for my family even more. The location of the workplace is much nearer to where I stayed, I don’t even have to drive to work anymore in comparison to my current 1-hour commute every day. The medical benefits are about the same.

I will be lying if I said I am not tempted by the offer. The extra money can mean that I can finally send my daughter to a private school and my wife does not have to work anymore.

I feel that I am betraying my boss behind his back if I accept the offer, especially he has been so gracious and kind to me all this while. I am losing sleep over this! Please help!

Thank you very much.

Wilson P.

Dear Wilson,

Being approached by a competitor, by all means, is a great thing as your reputation surpasses within the boundaries of your company and spill over into your industry.

Your situation is, in fact, a blessing in the rough times of our current economy. What you need to do is to clear your head and address the current offer you have on hand. As tempting as the offer sounds, you may need to conduct some investigation on your own to derive an answer.

Company’s background
Have they been in your industry long? Or they are a new entry to the market? How is their financial standing? There are companies who might have long standing in a certain market or products but want to rapidly expand their market share into your area of expertise, if it works out, it is a great thing for everyone, however, if the project fails, the company might not be financially capable enough to sustain the business / project for long. 

Company’s Culture
It is always best practice to talk to someone who is currently an employee of the company, the closer to your department, the better, to find out what is the company’s employees culture and their best practices. Big brands do not instantly mean happier workers. Imagine taking up the job offer and being in the job only for 3 months to realise that you hate your working environment!

Company’s standing and prospects
As a manager, you probably need to check out the prospects of the company, whether they are expanding or have their growth been stagnant for a number of years. A growing company will have more room for future promotion and open more doors for opportunities. You might also need to find out if the company’s business policies are aligned with what you believe in. You might not like it when you realise they inadvertently exploit child labour or they have been reported to work with dodgy suppliers.

That should cover your decision to move or to stay. If the decision is to move, it will be the best to have a talk with your boss before you make any move. 

All the best to your new journey!


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