Whether you’ve just finished school or have been working for years, if there’s a career that you’ve been dreaming of doing, take the leap. When it comes to your career, you can either choose to spend your time working in a role that you hate, or you can go after what you want. Life’s too short to work in a job that you don’t enjoy, especially as you spend the majority of your time each week at work. So be brave and go after your dreams, else you may live to regret it.

Not convinced that now is the time to go after what you truly want? Then have a read of the reasons below that explain why you should brave and go after what you want.

You’ll be happier


Think about how the concept of heading to work makes you feel. Do you feel happy and excited to arrive and get started on the day’s tasks, or do you wish that you didn’t have to go to work? The chances are, if you don’t love your job then you dread going to work each day. This probably means that you’re often grumpy in the mornings because you’re dreading the day ahead. It may also mean that in the evenings, you’re in a bad mood because you’ve spent a whole day doing what you hate. Ask yourself, do you want to be someone who lives for the weekend? Or, do you want to be someone who enjoys their time at work?

It’s more than worth the time and cost

The most common reason we put off making a career change is because we know that it will mean retraining. Although this may come with a cost and mean giving up a lot of your time, if it will give you a more enjoyable career, it’s worth it. Don’t let the time and cost of getting a new qualification put you off pursuing your dreams, click here to get an idea of how long retraining would take. Regardless of the period that it would take you to get the qualifications that you would need to change careers, don’t be put off. It might mean doing a lot of hard work for a while, but in the long run, it could change your life for the better.

If not now, then when?




The question is if not now, then when? The thing is if you know what you want to do and know that you’ll love doing it, there’s no reason to put off changing careers. Ask yourself, if you don’t take the leap of faith now, will you ever do it? Think about spending your entire career doing something that you hate and use that to motivate yourself to be brave. Changing careers is always going to be scary, but if it’s to a career that you’ve been dreaming of doing for years, it’s worth it.

It might be scary changing jobs, but if it’s a change that will make your work life happier and more enjoyable, it’s worth it.


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19 replies on “Why You Should Take A Leap Of Faith & Grab The Career That You Want With Both Hands

  1. But do make sure you make the most of all your opportunities to study and prepare yourself well : it’s excellence that will allow you to make your own choices and have a good chance of succeeding at what you love. Or not you might just have to accept jobs you don’t enjoy.

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  2. I think one of the reasons why people don’t change career is also about money. Maybe the job that fits you like a glove, because your’re following your passion, might have you to give up your yearly vacation (per example), but it IS worth it.
    Great post again Kally, XxX

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  3. the high qualifications and skills jobs nowadays are demanding make it difficult for a career change. It is competitive out there. Sometimes we prefer to play it safe and go for what we have. Inspiring post though to reflect on our current job situation.

    The Road To College

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  4. It’s so important to do what you enjoy and love, too many people are doing jobs they hate. If you need to do some training to get into a job role you truly want there are lots of available training both online and face to face and some of it is free. This is post which encourages you to believe in yourself and go for the career you truly want.

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