Hey hey, my fellow writers, readers and followers!

It has been some time since I have update what I am doing and some of you have kindly pointed out that I have been ‘missing’ in my comments. So sorry about that! I haven’t abandon MiddleMe and MiddleMe is still a huge part of me but here I am to throw some light on why my presence seems to be a little off these days.

My pet business with LadyRedot.com is doing pretty great and focusing mainly on travel and food. If you want to get groovy and personal with that side of me, feel free to drop by for a cuppa and a read.


My freelancing business is picking up way more than I anticipated with a lot of opportunities presented to me. So much so, I have also branch out into recruitment for some of my clients, vetting and introducing some of the fantastic freelancers that I worked closely with. This is very important to me as I believe that sharing is caring and as you folks have helped me to believe through endless encouragement, I am helping new freelancers to step out gingerly into the business world and bridging reliable clients with dependable talents.

Next up, I have a new addition to my family… As most of you know I have two ginger tomcats, Sunny and Matcha.


I have added another kid into the family and *drum roll* is a 8 weeks old tabby princess, Minka. She was stuck in a vertical drainpipe for 2 days without food, trying to dodge running water gushing through the roof to the sewage. It took a team of 2 brave guys under more than 5 hours of hot sun and thunderstorm to finally freed her. She is now happy and carefree in our home, fully checked and vaccinated by the vet, and totally welcomed into the meow family with friendly purrs by her two ginger big brothers.

image1 2.JPG

Lastly, the biggest news of all! I am evolving into a new and scary role soon as I waddled through motherhood. Yay! It is definitelyย difficult as I balance freelance work, travels, business with morning sickness and fear of Zika but I do know I always can turn to anyone of you here. A huge kudos to all those mummies who work! I don’t know how you manage not to puke your guts out into your bosses’ laps.


Some exciting times ahead for both myself and MiddleMe as I will continue to dish out great career articles and welcome wonderful amazing support from you followers!

Thank you so much for your patience!

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