Dearest Kally,

I will come straight to the point of my problem and hopefully, you can throw some light for me. I am extremely keen to join the fashion world as a model. Please don’t laugh at me and my dreams! God knows how many people have thrown cold water on me whenever I confess my dreams.

I am young, fresh out of college, living in a small town. But I am very determined to fulfil my dreams, together with my hard earned money gained from various ad-hoc holiday and part time jobs, I know I have enough to buy myself a ticket to France and be sustainable for at least another 6 months there. I have been hardworking, teaching myself French for the past two years. I am realistic and I know it is difficult and tough but I won’t be able to live with myself if I don’t at least give myself a chance to try.

My parents, on the other hand, don’t like my dream and think I am wasting my time away daydreaming the impossible. My brothers laughed at me all the time and even my teachers say my dream is impossible to achieve. My parents are determined to send me to a local university and refused to discuss any further.

Can you tell me if my dream is so impossible? That I won’t fulfil my passion in life? I really really want this so badly since I was very young.

Torn & Sad,
Zoey H

Dear Zoey,

I can tell that you truly and badly want to fulfill your dreams. I won’t be the one to tell you it is impossible because you have already had so many people telling that to your face. However, I feel I do need to warn you that it is not an easy journey to take. You will need to be prepared for disappointment and harsh criticism along this lonesome journey especially if your loved ones are skeptical about your decision.

That being said, passion like yours doesn’t go away or die down, they burned like crazy and the passion probably will be shelved aside if you choose to ignore it and let life take over. It is possibly that one day you might think to yourself that you could have…or if you have… Regrets in life is something I personally don’t advocate.

What you need to do is to set realistic expectations for yourself. I can see that you have saved up and been coaching your French. This shows determination. Instead of taking a risk and travel to France looking aimlessly for modeling jobs, why not try to secure a novice job in the fashion industry in France? That way, you’ll have a job first before you even get there and have more insight into the industry that you want to work in. Modeling is not all about just walking on the runaway or parading clothes in front the camera, being in the industry first hand will allow you to rub the right shoulders and get the right connections. Alternatively, you can asked if your parents can send you to a university in France instead of a local school. You can take the opportunity to take on summer jobs or internships in the related industries while studying there.

Don’t disregard your parents’ best wishes, they only have your best at heart. Talk this through with them and assure them that you have a plan in place. Don’t give up your dreams either.

I wish you best of luck and hope that you will eventually find your happiness and attain your dreams.


8 replies on “Word of Advice: Impossible Dream

  1. Kally, I disagreed with your advice. You might as well tell Zoey she is wasting her time. Everybody knows it is hard to break into the fashion industry. But that does not mean Zoey cannot. I would say don’t stop dreaming until your dreams come through, Zoey.

    However, I think you should do some more research. Assess whether you have some or all the qualities of a model. Determine your strengths and weaknesses. Also, it might be a good idea if you enrol in a fashion course at a reputable local college. You may also want to follow a couple of high profile models on Social Media.

    Good luck, my friend. You can do it.

    N.B.: The next time somebody tells you that you are wasting time, just remind them of this: We would not have ipads and iphones, if the late Steve Job had listened to his critics. Likewise, if Bill Gates had listened to his critics, we would not have Microsoft. We would not have Facebook if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t drop out of a prestigious college to pursue his dream.


  2. I love this. =) Especially the advice on taking small steps in that direction, like getting a job in the fashion industry. The best way to achieve your dreams is doing so one step at a time.

    For what it’s worth, a career guidance counselor once told Kobe Bryant that his dream of being an NBA player wasn’t realistic. The people who tell you that often have good intentions, but don’t give up on your dreams because of them.


    1. Thanks, Derrick for telling us you love this! Nowadays, there are little we cannot do, too many talented and wise people that proven that with the right commitment and determination, you can almost push through anything!


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