This is an honest question that you should ask  yourself every year. If you clearly think that you are not adding value to your company, high chances are that you are not adding value to yourself and the growth you deserve. If you think you are, fantastic for you and be creative on how to keep on increasing your value. But if you don’t know the answer to my question, you can ask yourself the following questions:


Are you under appreciating yourself?

It is one thing to have your boss not appreciating the work you do but it says a lot on your self-esteem if you don’t appreciate your own produce. To be sure of this, talk to your peers and ask them for honest feedback. If you are undervaluing yourself, time to work on boosting that self-confidence.


Do you make someone smile everyday?

By someone, I mean anyone in the workplace, your customers or even your cubicle neighbours. When you make someone feel good, you feel good about yourself too.  Bringing a value doesn’t just mean bringing profits or being productive in your company. It also means creating a harmonious environment for everyone to work in.

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Do you learn a new thing every week?

If you learn something new at your workplace, whether it is a new skill, know someone new or even discover new ways to increase your productivity, you are creating and adding value to your growth for yourself. If you haven’t learned a new thing for more than 3 months, it is time to evaluate your job scope whether you have outgrown your role.


Do you challenge yourself every month?

Instead of within your job scope, do you put yourself out there to be more receptive towards new project opportunities? You do put yourself forward and grab opportunities to wander in the uncharted areas of your field? Challenges don’t only created learning opportunities but also added on experiences, increase your network and increase your confidence.


Do you increase your network?

Knowing someone new increases your chances to create a better workplace and may increase your productivity. Exchanging ideas and discussion between different departments but in a social informal setting, help to foster better brainstorming ideas and stronger bonds.

The answers will give you a clearer picture of where you stood within your value to the company and perhaps, give you the best topic to broach your superior in your upcoming performance review.

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2 replies on “Do you think you are adding value to your company?

  1. Nice change of theme! Goes well with your acquired assertiveness 🙂 I’m an old hand at working for lots of companies, but you’ve listed some good points here to self-check on how things are going. Even if the answer is yes, one should do something if one of them starts slipping.

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