After a rejuvenating retreat, I’m back refreshed and ready for a great start! If you are curious where I’ve been, jump right in here!

After cleansing my mind and my soul away from technology for a week, I come to realised that writing and focusing on MiddleMe has taken a huge chunk of my life. I am as devoted to it and my readers as much as I am with every aspect of my life. With that, MiddleMe will be facing some restructuring on posting schedules and you’ll be expecting some minor changes here and there as I experiment what suit you the best.

For one, I know how much you have been enjoying Weekly Wisdom, that will be increased from one per week to twice a week. There will be a repost of an old article on every ThrowBack Thursday. I am also on the prowl for guest post relating to MiddleMe’s theme, if you have one existing post or if you love to contribute, I love to have you! Just drop me an email at

Feel so great to be back!

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