Nowadays, you flip through the job apps with a flick of your thumb, checking out jobs after jobs, company after company, until you came across an interesting and intriguing job description with a salary almost doubled your own. You are so tempted to try so what’s the harm of dropping in your resume anyways? Plus it’s always great to know your market’s worth.

You are selected for the job interview and the interview went great! The job description is more than you ever hope for. Until you start your first week and you realised you might just been conned…. Hear some of the stories that my friends have encountered.


I had applied for a senior marketing manager role in a local but big firm. The job description sounds similar to what I was doing then in a lower position and I thought it would be a great opportunity to elevate my position one rank up. The salary is pretty attractive too, so are the benefits. I was told during the interview, I would have staff of my own. I resigned old job happily and jumped straight into my new one.

Little did I know, my job was totally different than described. It turned out to be a sales job where I had to go corporate’s door to door to meet my target. And I did have a staff, an administrative boy who was shared by everyone else. I don’t even have my own desk as I am ‘expected’ to be outdoors selling my wares all the time!!

In no time, I quitted this job and went back to my old one when I heard they were still looking for someone capable of filling my old role.

Susan F, 29 Assistant Regional Marketing Manager

I couldn’t believe a Fortune 500 company did this to me! I applied for a coordinator role in the logistic department as it is my forte and really what I enjoy doing. When I signed the employee’s contract, the title given was Coordinator and I didn’t give much thoughts, I know now I should have.

When I reported my first day of work, I was told that the logistic department head is away and wouldn’t be back until two weeks later so they had to place me in the common pool of coordinators so I can be occupied. I didn’t mind at all to do odd jobs here and there like running errands and doing administrative work while I wait for my boss to be back. But after two weeks, they told me the position is filled up by an internal staff transfer and I will have two options: stick with what I am doing now or leave. I had to stay because I couldn’t beg for my old job back but I left before 6 months is up when I landed a similar job. It was a totally waste of my 6 months there.

Robert L, 32 Logistic Senior Specialist

They advertise for female telemarketers with simple criteria. The workplace is two streets down where I lived and I was so sick of my old work commute that takes up an hour each way. The salary was pretty the same as what I was earning and the interview was proper and I was told that training will be given during my first week. I saw some really matured ladies working in the office and the environment looks clean and friendly.

Only on the first day of training, did I realised that our job is to man the sex hotline and we have to talk, moan and coax the men to stay longer on the phone so that their phone bills will soar. Guess what? I ran out of the training during lunch break and never look back.

Doris E. 24, Retail Associate

I am a single mother of 3 beautiful kids. I am lucky to have ample help from my mother and my aunt when I am out to work. I was recommended a position in a friend of a friend’s company as a finance manager. I was explicitly clear that I couldn’t travel away from home and I was promised by both the HR and my director that the travel I’ll need to do is less than 10% of my time a year. Total bullshit!

After 3 months probation period is up, I had one after another business trips that was ‘crucial’ to the business. I will be flying to India one week, Spain the next and Toronto the following. I wasn’t at my desk so much that my little plant died. My kids missed me, I had quarrels with my aunt on the time I am not home and my mother was looking tired and weary. As great as the salary was (the salary was really enormous), I couldn’t stay longer and chose a job with lesser commitment elsewhere.

Rhiannon A. 30, Finance Assistant Manager

I can only blame my mistake for my gullibility.  A friend of mine wanted to open a restaurant of his own and was coaxing me for 3 months to join his restaurant as an operation manager. I should have listened to myself when I hesitated when I always love helping a friend out plus the current place I was working was closing end of the year. I jumped ship and joined his company.

First thing, I noticed that his restaurant was nowhere near completion and I had to roll up my sleeves to instruct the decorators. Next, no one except me was hired. So I had to do the hiring. Then, I realised that my so called friend didn’t even want to participate in any decision making and left every single thing for me to do on my own. It was overwhelming without help or support or appreciation. I really did not expect that. Nearing to the restaurant’s opening day, I had a minor breakdown and this was a wake-up call. It will always be like that even when the restaurant opens for business. I walked away after hiring my own replacement and never spoken to my friend from then on.

Greg T. 35, Service Director

Has it ever happen to you or someone you know? Share your stories with us below!

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