There are times where an opportunity or a new job present itself on a silver platter but for some bad decision making on your part, you missed it. I know I have been guilty of it a few times and I let some of the bad reasoning rules over my head and allow golden opportunities slipped through my fingers.

Don’t follow my footsteps and ignore the bad reasons below…

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1. You have no confidence
It might be a huge role perhaps a role that you have always dreamt of but yet when you are presented with the opportunity, you shy away. Why? Because you don’t think you are good enough for that role. You never thought that you can learn and improve on the job when it is usually your attitude counts more than anything else.

2. The Company is so huge, so famous, so..
Almost the same reason as number 1 that is holding you back except this time, you are terrified that you are going to be working at top Fortune 500 company with more than 20,000 staffs. You don’t think you are worthy and resilient enough to work in your dream company. It has never crossed your mind that no matter how much the profit is, it is still a company. You are still going to have a work cubicle, you are still going to be paid every month and you are still going to report to a superior. Not very different from the job you are doing now, ain’t it?


3. It is the same role
You are offered the same role that you are currently doing. You rather have a position higher than your current. So you are holding out for more. But what you need to take into aspect is other factors as well like remuneration, environment, culture and potential for career advancement. If all the factors positive except for the role, you should seriously consider it. Don’t let position blinded you from seeing your path ahead.

4. They are asking me to do a role beneath my current role
Almost the same as above except it is step-down, your ego is probably going take a beating right now. Ego aside, if the opportunity presents itself with learning opportunities in a new industry or even a quick career climb, you need to think hard before letting the opportunity go.

I was offered a customer service assistant role once, a step down from a manager’s role. I accept it readily as it was a new industry to me and I saw the potential to grow in the small company. I worked hard and smart, within a year, I gain back my title of manager, armed with newly gained knowledge.


5. I don’t like the industry
Nothing is that bad about any industry unless it is illegal. Even sleazy ones like legal porn industry have learning curves and challenges that contribute to your growth. It is how you make full use of your opportunity to benefit yourself.

6. I’m being offered a much lesser pay than now
Now you know money is not everything, as long as after the pay cut, the amount is still able to sustain your lifestyle and your financial burden, this opportunity is worth to think about. I jumped from a retail industry to an education industry on a new role with nearly 50% pay cut (ouch!) but I figured I’ll learn much more and have chances to push my own limits further. True enough within a year, I was promoted 3 times and my salary was even more than what I could have earned if I stayed in the retail industry.  

Share your thoughts in the article above in the comments below. Have you ever missed an opportunity? What happened?

10 replies on “6 Bad Reasons to say NO to a new opportunity

  1. Regarding number 5, if it goes against a principle then I wouldn’t do it. I could never work at company which conduct animal testing (although I recognize the importance of this, as long as we haven’t found other ways to test, if a product is safe), or a company that only focus on profit.
    Number 6…Yes, been there en done that too 😉

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    1. I’ll never work in a company that conduct animal testing too! I had once worked next to a chemical company that does that, imagine the agony all our colleagues had to endure watching crates of animals wheeled into the company every week. I’ll spare you the details but it was pure torturous knowing that every shrek and shrill you heard might be their last. Nevertheless, our boss couldn’t stand it either and move our office far away.

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  2. Good post! I agree. I’ve missed opportunities in the past because I thought I couldn’t handle it. Big mistake on my part but hindsight is 20-20.


  3. All the factors that you have mentioned are so true and I have experienced in my career including steppping down. I have made bad decision in the past yet making those decision were tough. Leaving the comfort and ego were the trouble makers while making decision. Great post Kally, Thank you 🙂

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