Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes

There are not a lot of jobs out in the market due to this economy. Depending on your industry, you might even find your company shrinking or even the role that you are having not relevant to the market anymore. If you are looking for a job, fresh from college or you are just looking around for something better, something new. Read on.. Today’s article might help you.

Change your Mindset
Instead of asking are there any jobs for me, ask are you suitable for the job you wanted. Pick a few jobs that you want or desire to go into, ask yourself if you have the relevant skills and experience that the job requires. The key word here is AND. With an abundance of unemployment talents out there, probably vying for the same position, it is no longer experience or skill or education. Likely it will be the employers’ market and boy, I bet my top dollar, they will pick the cream of the crop. That means they will look at AND.

control-427510_960_720No Skill?
The easiest way is to go and see if the skill can be acquired with a short course. The better way is to start from a lower position to acquire both the skill and the experience. However, if you have been mid-level staffers, this is going to dent your resume and your income. You can afford it, go for it, you might find it a lot more rewarding.

No Experience?
This is much harder. While skills can be bought by money – taking courses to fill up your weak areas but with no experience means the employers have to trust your words that you are good enough on theory. If you are already holding a job, ask for a departmental lateral transfer instead.

file0001564894818Change Your Attitude
Attitude says everything about you. You can be a Ph.D. holder and have more than 10 years of experience behind your back but if you come with an attitude that makes it difficult for anyone to work with you, you are hardly the choice of hire. Unless, of course, you are a genius but not everyone is Bill Gates.

Reality Check by Others
Sometimes we can’t see our own faults and often kept in the dark what more can be done to improve ourselves. Getting opinions from others and opening your ears to listen to them is important to your growth. We may think we are ready for a certain job out there but others may not feel so. Asking why sometimes may be the best thing you can do to help yourself push your limits even further.

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  1. thia licona says:

    On the dot again! Great advise not only for job hunting but also for life hunting. What about me? Should be the question. Why others and not me?

    Ah! But the answer in full really comes in DUE time. Perhaps this is the due time for all to start looking and questioning that ‘me’ causing all our troubles because?

    The bias opinion about our own selves ingrained & programmed in our minds by the same system that is now defeating us, by all means? It HAS to change but?

    It can only be changed by the power of love from on high descending upon us through articles like this and? The few other blogs calling us to repent, to change or perish as in

    The title of your post is what quickened me to write this comment because? Fitting Square Pegs into Round Holes IS what I have done most of my life until His DUE time came to zap it to yours truly.

    What happened in His due time? That was the moment when He–the Spirit of our Creator opened my eyes to see what that ‘me’–the root of all my problems was doing with those pegs. That moment of my DUE time? I began to fit the round into the round and square into the square as it happens when the power of love descends to guide one in the right way to be and to do.

    Hope that time to come for all. His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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  2. Bea dM says:

    Excellent Kally! it’s tough navigating the job market everywhere these days, and it takes a lot of awareness to get where you want. I believe “Change your Attitude” is fundamental for older people if they want to continue to be relevant, and advice from others is often very useful – if not necessary.

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  3. Patty says:

    Great post again. I would like to add: Don’t just focus at the skills you have reached by school/college/workshops/etc. in a certain branch. For example; I have (among other certificates and diploma’s) a diploma in Tourism. After a few years I switched to work in administration, since there were not enough jobs at that time in Tourism.
    I started with shredding paper and keeping the agenda of my boss up-to-date. I quickly asked for more tasks and to make a long story short at the end I have been working as a management assistant for several years at a high level. Without ever getting the corresponding diplomas for this line of work.
    Even if you’re at the beginning over-qualified for a job, take the chance and don’t expect to much at first, fresh from school 😉
    And don’t be afraid to work in a different field, if a the moment you start looking you can’t find a job corresponding to your diploma. All the jobs/projects you do, you can add up on your c.v. (skills and experience list).

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  4. lorieb says:

    so true, even geniuses need a good attitude!

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    1. Kally says:

      But alas, many do not.

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