As the world is evolving and relying heavily on the digital world and technology, it is no wonder many companies especially the start-ups and small businesses are open to hiring freelancers to run their operations. This is actually a pretty smart move, considering that the companies get to keep the costs down with the option to cut back on full-time manpower, office equipment, spaces, health insurance etc just by using freelancers.

There are already jobs that are relying on freelancers such as private drivers, real estate agents, insurance agents, tutors, babysitters and door to door salesman. Today, we’re going to explore jobs that potentially can be taken over by freelancers working from home.

Telemarketers / Lead Generators
Not surprising that many have already taken on freelancers to do this role. They are only required to follow a script and all they need is a computer, headphones, a software like Skype or Zoiper and a quiet environment. The companies that hire freelancers need massive cold calling out in a short period of time and are likely more concerned about quantity than quality.

woman-851446_640Call Centres / Customer Service / Technical Support
Companies used to engage outsource vendors to handle their inbound calls. Now that these outsource vendors are getting more expensive and require a minimum bulk hiring, many smaller firms turned to freelancers. In fact, to get a proper customer service team running from a Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, the minimum number you need to have in a team is only 3 to be operational.

Teachers / Tutors
Surprising to you? Teachers and tutors now can conduct their lessons over a number of readily available tools in the market like Skype to guide students all over the world. Of course, nothing beats teaching in the classroom but if you sit in a class full of 100 students, one to one seems better when it comes to guidance even it is being taught online. It can work on the students’ timing and as well the teachers’ schedules make it attractive to have your lessons on the go.

writing-933262_960_720Writers / Copywriters / Editors
These are the upcoming popular fields to be easily taken over by the cheaper workforce. Even if you were to hire a writer and an editor to ensure the quality, it is still cheaper than to hire a full-fledged experience writer. Many companies are outsourcing these roles, not only because of cost savings but also due to the diversity of writers they can get. This will add a different dimension to their website or publication.

MiddleMe’s logo is by a freelancer from It looks professional and the delivery was fast! A lot of companies especially media companies are outsourcing to freelancers due to low in cost. Design software plus having a high-end specifications computer (usually a MacBook Pro) cost a lot upfront to the media companies. With freelancing designers, customers can now browse through the style of work and final creations before engaging someone suitable to their budget, timeline, and aesthetics. Designers who tend to lean towards artistry work are now able to pick interesting projects to work on. Win win situation!

A lot of information could be easily found on the web and those not available on the web, could rely on books and libraries. Almost anyone can be a researcher as long as you have an eagle eye for details and the ability to cut through vast information quickly and efficiently.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.28.27 amAccounting / Administration
I have seen more and more accountants who choose to freelance rather than work for a corporation. It gives them more exposure to different businesses and tend to different needs. Same goes for administration. However, it is pretty hard to stand out as a good accountant or administrative personnel when there are way too many accounting students out there offering their services for a quick buck.

IT coder / Computer Engineering / Programmers
It is a department hardly exist in your company unless you are in the tech world. Many self-taught programmers are willing to set up a WordPress website for you to code an app or even help you to write an Autobot script. The good ones in the market usually earn a steady fixed income of the higher 4 figures.

Do you think I missed out any? Please share your thoughts at the comments below.

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20 replies on “Jobs that can be replaced by a Freelancer

  1. Lots of jobs are definitely going that way – I both teach English and French online and translate and edit.. and my present business-card was created by an online designer in another country ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I do work as a freelance German teacher (3 years now) I have yet to make the leap to finding those Skype students but I have so far worked for language schools, a real high school (not as a freelancer but that’s how they found me), and many private students.
    I really want to start working in writing, that was why I stared my blog… And who looks for researchers? I do have a research degree in politics….
    Here (in France) hiring a freelancer is great as suddenly the company does not have to pay all sorts of social charges. Let’s say you make 2000โ‚ฌ per month, you already take 23-25% off for social security, unemployment, pensions etc. But the employer he/she almost has to pay the double of what it says in your papers 4000โ‚ฌ. This disappears when working with a freelance professional. Meaning that they can pay much more an hour to a freelancer (who won’t be working full time anyways) and will save money in the end. I have to give about 25%-30% to the state but that includes a good health coverage and a pension (if I work enough) just no unemployment benefits as I am not employed.
    Ah, maybe I should write about freelancing in France…

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