And….. We are back again with the second installment of this article. We talked about the environment and the surrounding people who can make or break your spirit just when you step into the workforce. Today, we will delve further into the challenges you will be facing similar to what you will face in school.

graduation-819762_960_720Everyday Tests
Before you throw your books in the air and yelp for joy that tests are over, I’m afraid to tell you that tests are an everyday thing in your daily work. Whether it is the deadline you are completing your task or whether you are productive at work, it is no longer just theory based and memorizing text but it is how you put those quotes into action. Every phone call test your knowledge on your job, every email test your grammar and your spelling, every time your boss hands you a task test how well and how quick you complete it. Suddenly, you’ll wish you are back at school. Now you’ll realized why working adults will lamented at you to enjoy your school years.

Major Exams
If we have tests everyday, you can be sure we’ll have major exams too. It is can be either your boss handing over a big account with a big client or a major project that all management is scrutinizing or perhaps just your yearly appraisal. Like all school exams, this concerns your future, whether it’s a promotion or a pay raise, it would affect your career path.

The only time you truly don’t have time during school days is when you are mugging for an important exam. Otherwise, it’s school hours, homework and playtime. As a working adult, some have it easier than others but most of us, especially the higher you climb, you will find that you have lesser time for yourself. It’s overtime, bringing work home, conference call in the middle of the night and even sacrificing weekends to get ready for that weekly meeting on Monday. Even social networking is all about work. That’s why so many of us take yoga classes, hiking or go away weekend trip to some beach resort, to get away from it all and find some ‘me’ time.

The biggest failure you could make in school is to get yourself expelled and kicked out of school. You’ll still have your parents to give you a roof over your head, food on the table even money for your mobile subscription. Failure in the workforce can mean out of job, unable to pay your rent, scrimping on food even relying on social welfare. However, don’t be afraid to take calculated responsible risks and go all out to try, test and evolve because each mistakes you made, make you stronger and wiser.

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19 replies on “How is workforce similar to classroom (Part 2)

  1. Weekends are indeed super-precious when you’ve joined the working masses. If you’re white collar, you do have times you have to prepare for Monday meetings if you weren’t able to deal with it on Friday. And you really crave the downtime – relaxing, walking, day trips, museums, whatever chills you out… generally no more wild partying nor even socializing 🙂

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    1. Totally agree! Wild partying is over once you enter white collar and of course, once you hit 30s. I crave my bed and pillow more than I crave the thumping music and sweaty bodies. Haha. Thanks for contributing your advice, Bea!

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  2. What you have written is the truth in my opinion. I just want to say on a lighter note.These graduate have worked hard to get to this point and they should be proud and be able to be happy for a bit before being sucked into the whole -work is constant.I like why you said about putting theory in to practice. interesting post

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    1. Thank you!! That’s why I encourage those graduates who able to, go around places and backpack, see the world a bit before settling down a job. Once you are working, it’s going to be really hard to tear yourself away from financial comfort and responsibilities to seek for pure freedom.


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