I know I have been really way over my head with awards here… Still catching up with some of them, haha! But my great pal here, Paul has nominated me an award and its time for me to post an award page and what better to start off with his award.

The Rules are Simple, there are no rules. Feel free to say anything and everything about yourself and why you are Epic Awesomeness!!!

Since I’m not used to telling people I am awesome (I know you know I am and you are too.. haha) I am going to give you a list of some awesome people that I follow, their blogs and their creativity are AMAZING!
Lisa V




Amy L Sauder


Vincent Wambua

Laura Wolf

kayla misera




Kah Choon





(Please do note that you are in no obligation to reply this post or repost it. My nomination is a gesture of appreciation and representation of my admiration of your work.)

62 replies on “Epically Awesome Award

  1. Kally: You can not imagine in your wildest dream how I felt to see TR as a blog you follow! Me, the newest greenest kid on the block, who feels he is light years away from being a blogger as yourself. Your blog, your honesty and advice is inspiring and I long to have the impact you have. Tonyroland.Com is waiting in the wings and once I master the difficult theme I chose for it and feel I’m 1/2 the blogger you are only then would I dare nominate myself for an award from you or one you suggested. Again, you have absolutely MADE MY DAY!

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      1. Sweetie, I would nominate you for everything if I could, buuttt… then you would never post anything but Awards. Who wants to read a blog FULL of just awards, right? I like your business advice better than anything anyway.

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