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27 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 12 January

  1. Definitely Yes!
    “It is the Doubt that makes one Stumble.
    It shall make the focus Blur.
    It shall make the Achievement Hanged.
    It shall make the Victory Unaccomplished”
    Tell me how do you find this.
    I have not seen your presence in recent times on my blog.
    I personally recommend you to read the following posts as you may like them, here are the Links:

    Let all these posts benefit you in all respects. You can read other posts whenever you have time.


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  2. Doubt can be turned into productivity when there is “alone or down time” to think things over. At first, it is frustrating but if we ACCEPT it is so, we can then move on to finding solutions. Doubt is simply a roadblock. Finding the detour around the roadblock is the solution. Enjoy your site, Kally.

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