It’s the end of the year! Everyone’s happy because it’s the festive seasons. Everyone’s happy because company’s profit shot through the roof. Everyone’s happy because your company is dishing out huge bonuses this year. And everyone’s happy and looking forward to the office year end party.

I have been to countless ones and even participated in organizing some of the events. From a small 10 people gathering to a huge event of 3000 people, it can be loads of fun.

Parties mean free drinks, free food and time to cosy up to your fellow coworkers to get to know them better. Do remember that office parties are different kind of parties where rules and regulations do apply if you still wish to see your next paycheck.

To help you to survive the office parties, if you keep to the rules below, I can assure you’ll be able to hold your head up high the next day.


No Avoidance Rule
Most companies are alright when you don’t wish to go to the event. But I am aware of a handful of companies that strictly adhere to the attendance of participants, these are the parties that people hate going to. If it’s enforced, then you can imagine the fun. Nevertheless, parties are a great way to bond with your fellow coworkers and bosses alike. So perk up, chin up and off you go!

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Dress Rules Apply
It’s a party of the year and you want to dress your best. But leave the slinky sexy little black dress that barely cover your butt for the hot clubs and your holey tank top and shorts for the barbecue parties. Same as work, dress code do applies. You want to dress up, giving the impression that you are fun and friendly but yet teetering on the line of professionalism. You also do need to take the party theme in considerations.

Quote Diana “Last year, our office party was supposed to be on an open rooftop of some swanky place. It was December and snowing. Most of us came prepared, decked in our winter coats. One or two female coworkers came to the party wearing really short tight dresses. They are definitely freezing their asses off and I don’t think they stayed very long.”

Quote Jeff “The theme of the party was Zombie Apocalypse. Our director totally forgot all about it and came into a roomful of monster-looking employees dancing to Fright Night. It was kinda awkward for him until he decided to play the victim, and smeared ketchup on his business shirt and face. I wonder what his wife is going to say about that! Haha!”

Is it hard? Let me give you a tip that I always do. Ask around your department who is wearing what, you probably fit right in if you dress similarly.


Food Binge Rule
Yes, the food is free flow but don’t go lining up for the buffet table the moment you walked in and no piling up crab cakes on your plate (I know they are delicious but still, no). Do what you will when you are invited for a party at your parents’ home, you behave and ate politely, only to have to sneak out for a real burger for supper.


Alcohol Limitation Rule
We all seen what over indulgence of alcohol can do to you. Getting drunk at a club is already a nuisance to the public, imagine doing the same at your office party. No matter how high your ranks are, getting pissed off drunk is no excuse.

Quote Ronald, “Stella was already tipsy when the music started going to invite people to the dance floor. She ended up doing a mock striptease in the middle of the party and had to be carried off by her female colleagues at the end of the night. It became a joke among us, a drop too many, Stella becomes aplenty.”

Quote Mary, “He was the Vice President of a Fortune 500 company. He was bullying and gloating the guys to drink with him, drowning one bottle of beer after another. At the end of the night, he was seen trying to smooch up the ladies in the party, in front of his wife too!”


No Smooches Rule
Even with a mistletoe dangling above the most desirable lady in the company is no excuse to leer after her. Harassment suits can follow if you are not careful. Even when the attention is consensual, try to bring it out of the party, away from prying eyes and ears.

Quote Samantha “I really did fancy Joshua a lot and have been trying to ask him out for a year. I thought the office party was a fantastic way to bond with him and getting to know him better. We were caught making out at the restaurant’s balcony by his girlfriend whom I did not know exist, that was working in the Operations. She tried to pick up a fight with me and I ran away from the party. Joshua resigned after a few weeks and I became the topic for the gossip queens in the office.”


By all means, have fun in the office party, socialize around and try to know more people especially if your company is huge. This is the time to mingle, exchange contacts and bond with people you see day in, day out. You might make a new friend or even cast your network out to increase your chances of a promotion. Just don’t be the party entertainment for the wrong reasons.

Has an awful story to share about office parties? We welcome all input below at the comments.

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23 replies on “Oh, Behave!!

  1. I’m with Kat. I’ve always hated office parties, I mean you work with these people, you can’t have fun partying with people you work with. Instead of a party I always opted for a bonus instead or a family fun day.

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    1. It’s a minefield for gossips. Haha. I used to hate office parties until I went to a previous company party where it is like a Christmas market fair, people bid for booths to sell their wares and all profits goes to charity. The company forked out big prizes like TV and laptops to entice people to play pin the donkey’s tail and throw the hoops. Meanwhile, with Christmas dress up contest, the winner walks away with a fully paid trip. That was actually fun because even the managing director dressed up as Mrs Claus (he is a guy) won the prize but gave it to his secretary.

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  2. All good advice Kally. I think these parties seem tamer than years past. The 90’s were a gong show. I remember one Christmas party, years ago, a co-worker and friend of my husband (still friends), got pretty drunk and chased our cab when we tried to leave without him. He ran and ran and then fell down. I felt terrible and wanted to stop to make sure he was ok. Another couple in the cab refused. It was a nightmare.

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