It’s nearing end of the year and while many of us are celebrating, there are some out there who gets depressive during festive seasons.

While everyone is rushing to complete their Christmas shopping and decorating their homes, someone out there might not have a home to go to. A roof over his head maybe but an empty house is not considered a home if there is no warmth. This article is not going to be a nice heartwarming post but an awareness article.

Look around at the people surrounding you particularly your coworkers. Do they have families and friends nearby that they are celebrating with someone or they are holed up alone?

I remembered when I was in Shanghai, Christmas was cold and smoggy. ( Yes, you read right. Smog from pollution situation in China.) It could have been a disaster for me if not for the fact, I was traveling back home to have my celebrations. Many of the foreigners aren’t so fortunate, many of them had to work during the holidays to make ends meet back home. Buying an air ticket during festive holidays means a hole burnt in the wallet. Many of us have to ballot among ourselves who gets to fly home for a week to see our loved ones and who needs to stay back due to work commitments. I know this doesn’t only applies to foreigners, it applies to folks who have families living miles away too.


Companies who closed during the festive seasons so that all workers could go home – kudos to them! But most of the companies are at their full operations since it is also the high time of the year for consumerism. Some companies even depend on Christmas and New Year to break their yearly target.

I remembered when I was working as a manager in Singapore, one of the staff from the other team wanted so badly to go home and yet wasn’t lucky enough to be in the group that won the ballot to go on leave. She cried so badly because she was missing her children and husband in the Philippines; and Christmas was a big holiday for them too. She told me that she have already missed her daughter’s first day of school when she came to Singapore to work and how her son always crying for her when they Skyped at night.

I relate this back to my team and immediately I had half of the hands in the room shot up to volunteer to take her place. I was extremely touched by how many of them would willingly sacrifice this for a person who is not only in our team but was a direct competitor team as well. After a deep discussion with her manager, I somehow convince him to allow one of my local team member to take her place. Well, it wasn’t that difficult to convince him when I pointed out a sobbing disgruntled employee wouldn’t make a great sales person anyways. When we broke the news to her, she was smiling through her tears, thanking my guy profusely. My team had gathered little gifts, pre-loved toys, and books mostly for her to bring home to her family. This has a lasting impact on her. Today she stands proudly as a young successful manager in the same company for over eight years.

christmas-ornament-1042543_960_720So look around you, your coworkers who don’t get to go home, share a little warmth and love on this festive seasons. A little gift, a cup of hot chocolate or a warm greeting with a smile could mean the world to them.

A little kindness goes a long way.

Do you have similar Christmas kindness stories to share? Come and tell us at comments below.

44 replies on “End of the Year

      1. Kally, OH…. I KNOW you DID NOT go there.
        And don’t even start laughing about that certain post you did.
        Kally you know as well as I do how much good you do, and the joy you spread with your “Ms Kally’s Help Desk”.
        In fact, if more people would take their problems on the job, to you, I wouldn’t have so much work.
        In fact, I tried to trade jobs with Santa just for 1 night, and guess what!!!!
        Actually he said “No way Jose”, but then he also said “AND you don’t get your present this year, because I read Kally’s post too, so I know you didn’t miss your Child’s birthday party, and I know you don’t need to fly home for Christmas….”
        Well it was worth a try wasn’t it Kally???? I mean you made it sound so easy in your post, and I almost had him I think when I was really crying (I happened to think about if he catches me, I won’t get a present this year).
        Seriously, keep up the great work,

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  1. What great co-worker spirit! I was particularly touched because I remember landing in Manila a few days before Christmas, and seeing literally thousands of people, families and “clans” (!) waiting for their loved ones πŸ™‚

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  2. What a great story….I always volunteered to work on the holidays so those with small children could stay home and enjoy….while I was at work, I worked in a retirement community, I would ask the kitchen for fresh whip cream with a couple platters of goodies and I would make sure the cinnamon coffee was never empty for the staff and visitors…I spent a lot of the day singing Christmas carols with the residents and just having fun, spreading Christmas cheer. I have been accused of being an elf in the past…LOL.. I would have my special Christmas at home after work…love your post….and the feeling you get for helping another never goes away…always gives me the warm fuzzy feeling…..Merry Christmas…and I agree spread the love!!!!

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      1. Yes, I try to avoid all the stores from early Thanksgiving on….sadly I still need to grocery shop and have to deal with all the Xmas paraphernalia there…love to give something from my heart and possible homemade, this year everyone is getting embroidery pillow cases….shhhh don’t tell….Kat

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  3. Love this post! I’ve definitely had ups and downs when it comes to holidays. More often now they are just neutral as I tend not to really think about them that much since I generally live far away from my family.

    Just last night my neighbor’s cat jumped off a 6 story roof and is still at the vet’s- and her boyfriend just left for the holidays so she’s all alone in a new country for christmas- my boyfriend and I have been trying to think of something nice to do for her, but we don’t know what yet…

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    1. Oh dear… What an awful thing happened to your neighbor!!! I think the best gift to give her is company. She’s probably alone and no one want to spend Christmas alone. Maybe ask her over to your place for a warm dinner.. That’ll be really nice.


    1. Awwww.. you are always so sweet, dear! Thanks for spreading the word around and hopefully everyone would just take a little time to think about the less fortunate and how we could go out of our ways to help them. πŸ™‚

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