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42 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 24 November

    1. I had problems downloading the book because it says the title is not available for Malaysia. I tried calling customer service over the weekend and they says there’s nothing they can do but to escalate up.

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      1. Thanks. In a way, I am sorry for the problem. I have the same situation here. So many things from the USA I would like to have but, no delivery to Jordan? Beats me!
        Alright! No need to fret. That’s life in this world. Let’s arise to a higher life in the Presence of our Father/Creator. So, I am thankful to hear of your problem. That’s my clue to publish my books in my blogs and be done with Amazon and the rest. No time for all of that publishers malarkey anyhow. I am not in for the money or much less for the fame! Ha Ha HalleluYah! πŸ™‚

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  1. Whenever one of my employees failed or made a mistake, I always viewed it as I failed them. I didn’t teach them well. Maybe I didn’t convey the instructions correctly. When a manager takes responsibility for his employees productivity, he will empower them to do better. Another great post.

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      1. When we hire an employee we are making an investment in this person. We need for them to be trained to the best of our abilities. Provide every resource for them to succeed. When we do that, the positive returns will come. Unfortunately, not all of my bosses agreed with this philosophy. It was a good post.

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  2. It’s amazing what support and encouragement can produce when infused with the human spirit to create. When employees feel in fear, they don’t excel and neither does the company. Have you read the book, Good Profit? A very interesting read and overview of what makes a company strong.

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