One of my new readers, A Momma’s View wrote a very interesting article that I enjoyed very much and wanted to share you all here. You know, I am always on a hunt for career inspiring articles and her title just caught my eye as I was browsing through my email. Skipping the rest of the emails, I headed straight for hers and boy, was the article great!

The thought to bring home after reading this article is what is a real job to you? Come and share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



Have you heard that sentence before? Have you heard someone saying “get a real job”? I’ve heard people say this. To strangers, to their kids, to their family members or to friends. Maybe even to themselves. Get a real job… I always wonder what people mean by that. What is a real job?

Is a real job caring for someone? If that’s the case, then why do some people struggle to see a waitress or a waiter doing a real job?


Is a real job a typical 9 to 5 job? If that’s the case, what about a baker who gets up in the middle of the night, bakes all night and goes to bed when others start their days? That’s for sure a real job…

Is a real job a desk job? If that’s the case, what about a builder? Isn’t he doing a real job too?

Talking about typical 9 to 5 jobs and desk jobs: What about athletes? Why are their careers not considered a real job?


Is a real job a job you get your hands dirty? Is that why athletes are not considered doing a real job? If that’s the case, then what is a teacher doing?

This list could go on and on. I truly wonder what a real job is supposed to be. I also wonder why someone would say something like this, although I heard it before as well and I for sure know what that person had in mind for me back then. For that person it would have been better if I would have chosen a typical 9 to 5 job. One that pays well of course. But I chose differently. I chose to work freelance and in a job with irregular times. Sometimes I was working for 4 weeks in a row with 14 to 16 hour work days. I got paid by the hour which ended up being great. Then I had stretches of no work until the next block of work. The job was always full on, high energy, surrounded by lots of people. And you know what? I loved it! I built my little world based on those freelance jobs. What first turned out to only work from spring through to fall ended up becoming a full year thingy.

Looking back I still feel I had it all then. At least in my books. I did what I loved to do. I worked in different places and different countries. I met super interesting people and I earned good money. On top of that I had heaps of time off between those blocks of work which was great as well.

In the eyes of some people it just wasn’t a real job.

Weird, right?

And yet it’s so typical for our society. Everything that is slightly out of the norm needs to be put right. The norm is that a real job needs to be something what everyone considers normal. You need to work hard and suffer through…

And yet when you start breaking all those jobs down you will see that nothing is really normal. And still all of it is necessary. The hours a chef works are totally different from the hours a real estate agent works, or a baker, or a builder, or in retail. And then you have the so called odd jobs. Like building your career as life coach or selling Tupperware (or any other party selling thingy).

Get a real job…


See, I believe if you like what you do, you put all you can offer into it. It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you like it. And if you like it and put everything into it then you will be successful. You will be able to make it work and you will have a career. You will be able to tick all the boxes that are important to you. Not everyone has the same visions and so what seems important to you might not be important to someone else, no matter how close this person is to you. I just find it important to realize that and let people choose what they think is right for them. Without judging, without criticizing and without trying to change them.


So what is real job? A real job is what brings food on your table, what pays your rent. It’s what makes our society work. I agree. But just because you choose to do something slightly out of the ordinary or because you do a job that some people don’t see as a great job, it doesn’t mean it’s not a real job.

Because there’s also passion!

A real job is what feels real to you. It’s what makes you give the very best because you like what you do.

Enjoy her post? Do drop by her website!

So if you have wrote any articles that you think I should read (I always read all my followers’ articles), please drop a comment below.

68 replies on “Guest Post: GET A REAL JOB! by A Momma’s View

  1. This is such a great post about jobs and defining what a real job is. “It really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you like it”. I agree with this sentiment. Over the last three years in Melbourne, I’ve been doing a bunch of contract work here and there. Yes, there isn’t job stability and they’d be weeks – sometimes stretching to months – on end where I had no work. But as you said, you meet people along the way and learn a whole new set of skills. It’s hard to define “normal” too since we are all so different in this world 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you like the article that she have wrote. I had the same feeling when I came across the article, first thought was “OMG! I got to share this! People will love it!” To me, great reads are meant to be shared.

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  2. Great article. I have one question though. In one of the pictures I noticed that someone only tipped 1%? How cheap! Then leave a note “get a real job.” I realize that this picture was used to describe the article but if it happened in the real world then that person in my view is a real pompous a$$. (Sorry for the profanity).

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      1. Definitely. I consider a tip like that to be an insult. Restaurant personnel work hard and it can be very stressful for low pay and a tip like that is criminal in my opinion.

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  3. Good attempt to define real job but I think its a relative term.What is real for me may not be subjected to the same veracity for others. How about a robber planning his next target for a few days and getting the booty within a few minutes of successful operation or a gambler planning his game in a cosy AC room and losing big money. Was it a real job for them? If yes how can it be a real job for those who dont indulge in these activities. Yes she is right in saying that the job satisfaction after putting in effort and carrying out certain activity is a real job. In that case any job which provides satisfaction and value is a real job.

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    1. This is another way of looking at the term. Quite a cynical way, I might add but unusual nonetheless, I haven’t thought of full time gambler as a job, well unless he is seriously good at it. I have met professional gamblers before and we are talking about international standards here, not some guy holed up in his mum’s basement trying to win online Texas Poker. They don’t swagger, actually pretty humble and low key except when they are at some kind of gambling event.

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  4. A real job, as she said, is relative. What you consider a “fake job” others are only too happy to do because it suits them. We should be grateful to have our health and a job that pays enough to put food on the table and a roof over our heads. Some can’t even do that.

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  5. I don’t have much patience for people who scoff or look down on others because of the job they do. If a task needs done, then someone has to do it. It’s a simple as that. Tables don’t lay and clean themselves, after all. Being a waitress or waiter is as much a real job as any other.

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  6. I feel like in our society, the whole “real job” thing equates more to having to serve someone else. I work from home and freelance, so I get a lot of the “when you get a real job” conversations from friends and family. I just remind them that I make enough money to pay the bills while also not having to put on pants. Mwahahaha!

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    1. You wrote this?? Wow, I guess I didn’t search hard enough, this is a totally different genre of what you usually wrote. Consumerism indeed! Yes, I’ll love do a guest post on this. You might get a few comments citing on the negativity thought.

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      1. Ha! LOL 🙂 Yes, it’s been awhile since I wrote that article, and you’re right: I might get some feedback on the negativity … but if you like, it’s all yours! And as always, all the best to you and more! 😉

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        1. You, my dearest and longest friend in blogosphere is amazing!! I really don’t want any bad feedback towards you especially when some of the readers here might not know you as much as I do. I rather showcase the true Jonathan because I know deep down you’re not a negative person. Big hugz!

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      1. Thank god I found u at last. No comment on my blogs and u looks like vanished underground. Simply was asking who decides and awards citation to bloggers

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          1. Hahaha!! Let’s not turn into a missing most competition. *wink* my laptop is back and hopefully, this time lasts a little longer before the next breakdown.


  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! And I am in 100% agreement. More often than not, when you hear the phrase, “get a real job,” it is said in a demeaning manner, perfectly intended to hurt or offend you. It’s their way of saying, “You’re not measuring up” using the mask of ‘I care about you.’ It is poor advice.

    We do need to productive. Just sitting around doing absolutely nothing with no vision or purpose in life is beyond dangerous and will only lead to low self-esteem and dead ends. But knowing what God put you on this Earth to do – using your unique abilities and talents – that’s what it’s all about. We were not all made the same and there is no such thing as a one size fits all job. Some like night shifts. Some like days. Some like middle afternoons. Some like 12 hour days with several days off during the week, while others prefer Mon-Fri 9 to 5. Why does it matter what works for YOU? It’s really no one’s concern but yours if you’re doing everything you need to be doing.

    Our personalities are complex and very unique to us. We should be able to honor how we are without feeling the need to conform. That’s so much of what’s wrong with society now. Be you. Perfect, beautiful, unique you. 💜 Love this! Thank you for sharing it! Many blessings for you.

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