40 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 17 November

  1. Anger is a natural emotion that needs to be channeled into a positive release. I like to channel it through exercise. Some people channel it through music. Each person needs to find the channel that’s most productive with their being and utilize it. It provides more energy for the individual and generally a happier and healthier outcome. Love the picture.

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    1. Well said!! I channel through talking through my anger and walk through things if I found that I can’t change things at all, I’ll let go, no point hanging on to anger and waste my energy.

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  2. That’s a great quote, Kally, and I agree with a lot of the responses of other people to it too. I’m really not very good at being angry — nobody pays the slightest bit of attention to me while I jump up and down, beat my chest and pull at my hair — so I tend not to hold onto the emotion for very long. As you mentioned above, it really is a massive waste of energy

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  3. Extremely true! Too many people hold on to anger and grudges never letting go. I’ve found the secret in letting go is forgiveness and immediately moving forward. Life is too darn short to mess around by hanging onto anger. For real! I have so much more I wish to create, to experience, and I don’t have time to get tangled up with anger. 🙂 Great post, Kally!!! For someone who appears to be young, you give me HOPE for this world yet!! You have your head on right. I sure wish I could say the same about myself when I was your age. Good for you!!! Keep on shining your Light!!! ❤

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    1. Hi Amy, thanks for the generous comment! I didn’t have the heart to be angry at anything for long, probably because I lack the patience for it, to be angry at someone, you need a lot of concentration and determination and I have better things to do than that! Lol!

      I could never understand how anyone could bottled up revenge tendencies against another for years.

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