Hello Kally,

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jake A*. I am a tester at an electronic manufacturing company. There are many testers in my team but I am the only one who is the longest at my job.

Three years ago, we had a new manager appointed to take over from our boss who retired. Ever since, the new guy took over, it’s been really hard to take any time off for our personal lives. Due to this, many of my old team mates left the company because their families felt there is no work life balance. The new manager prefers us to cash out our leaves at the end of year or to take leave no more than 2 days at a time.

I have spoken to him more than once over the years but he kept saying he needs us around. In short of going to our union to report this (I really don’t want to), I am thinking of quitting my job. This coming Autumn, I’ll need to take two weeks leave to visit my ailing mother. I’m suppose to visit her at the start of this year but my leave got rejected by..who else?

Sorry for my ranting. Could you advice please?

Thank you,

Jake A*

Dear Jake,

I sensed your frustration and I know it’s irrational that your manager outright refused to grant you your entitled rest.

Trying to understand his point, are your department short-handed? Or he is too afraid that he couldn’t cope without you guys? But to drag on for 3 years is way too long in my opinion.

What I could advice you is that you have one last talk with your manager and let him know that it’s crucial that you need to take the 2 weeks leave, provide your reasons (even if it is really none of his business) and if he refused you or came up with some excuses to fob you off, let him know diplomatically your rights to your entitlement and you may need to speak to someone else if he does not have good reasons not to approve your leave especially since you provide enough notice period. Important – Leave your emotions at the door. Being angry or showing your frustrations at him will not convince him, in fact, it might make things worse by triggering his defensive side.

Next step for you if he refused to grant you leave is that you could approach your manager’s boss. Alternatively, you can approach the HR or union in your company as well. If you sound and present your case reasonably, there should be no good reasons not to grant your leave since you have not taken any long leaves for the past 3 years.

Resigning from your job should be your last option. Only to be taken if his boss and the HR sing the same tune as him, then I’ll say this company is a slave driver and does not deserve such a hardworking committed employee as yourself.

I wish you best of luck and let me know how it turns out!


11 replies on “A Word of Advice: My manager won’t let me take leave

  1. I was in the same position several times during the past year. I started a job telemarketing at a local job. It fit perfectly in my schedule and the pay was decent. Having worked sales jobs I expected some issues if you fall below a level. But the owner was barely coming in and his mother ran the place horribly and her son came in basically to yell at her kick the workers out and he was upsetting everyone. What he said happened among people he fired and what the truth is would be two completely different things as he is a drug addict, a juice head and he’s dumb and bipolar.

    He quickly noticed something about me and wanted to give me a raise. I felt different not realizing that he acts like this with everyone. A couple of months later 10 telemarketers getting fired, a good dozen techs supposedly stealing thousands of equipment and cash from the jobs seeming everything and two managers getting fired and 3 quitting the new manager asked for my help.

    I found out that the business was not being run legally. No registration, no commercial plates, none in PA, no PA address, 25 complaints during a time where we were running the business illegal. He would flip out if you suggested taking care of a complaint as they were going to report us. He used the work License and used BBB on his receipts which are 1000 a pop fines and he was never part of the BBB. I was the only office person to quit and I became in charge of creating his website, marketing, sales through a specific lead company that he though we should close 95% of the leads when half are fake and we get half the deals cancel every week. I stayed on top of confirming and was very specific with information and whom I talked to and he started giving me grief saying I can’t close or confirm. When he did the best 6 months of his life and we had a 3 week period where we did 130k where his best ever quarter was 75 k. But I can’t close. Back and forth I quit and told him, he would forget, then with hold my pay and then beg for me to come back. I did this 6 times. He was making me ill. The day after X mas I quit and he started calling me in February as he then was doing 20K a month. I came in got us back up to 100k and took care of what I was doing, tech work and more while getting paid less. I got crap a few weeks in a row and besides me not getting paid bonuses to the tune of 2k last year I did not get my last 2 weeks pay. I have already contacted various departments of the department of labor, it has been 3.5 months and they say it cold take years.

    In the end do not put yourself below your boss just because they are your boss and do not get ill or deal with stress that is so bad you are waiting to get something every day.

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    1. Good advice. One thing though, I would have ran miles away when I found out the company is illegal. You don’t want to be implicated any illegal activities he or the company are involved in.

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      1. Well the managers before me were too afraid to tell him the truth which is why they stayed illegal. They gave him information that he trusted. Last fall it was a fight but I got him as close to fully legal as possible.

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