This is one of the contributing factor to your success and your enjoyment at work. Sometimes, if you are fortunate, you get to pick your own team or a partner to work with. If you are a manager, you probably get to interview and hire people you want. Even when I wasn’t a manager, my boss valued cohesive work balance hence he’ll ask me to sit in the final interviews with him to pick someone I’ll be comfortable working alongside with.

It could be also to select from existing colleagues to work together with you on a new project. You might want to keep this article in mind because you want to be ready for the day you get to pick someone to work with and you do not wish to fumble on this as I mentioned it is one of your success factor.

Since I have started offering my services as a freelancers, I have got readers who freelance regularly as well. This applies to you too, identifying the type of personalities you work best with, in this case, your buyers.

thinking-767040_6401. Who you are and what you want
First of all, you need to know who you are at a work place. I have mentioned this before here and here. I am a true believer in understanding yourself first as no one would know you better than yourself (except maybe your mum…).

2. What needs to be achieved
Next is to understand what is to achieve for this role. Whether it is a successful launch of an event or to fulfill a telesales role in your team or to design a website, you need to find out the expectations of this role.

file00016947746043. Combine 1 and 2 to conclude 3
Now you have all the information at hand, look that what aspect of the job you are good at or your team is good at, see if you can recruit someone with a different skill to enhance your team’s capabilities. My ideal sales team will have 80% aggressive hunters – ambitious and hungry, 20% farmers – passive but customer oriented. Of this 100%, I will need 40% morale boosters, 20% leadership potential and 20% analysts, 20% innovators.

This being said, let’s say you don’t have such a huge team, maybe it’s a one-off project you are pairing off with another one or two people. Then my choice will be look within yourself and chose someone with a skill you sorely lacking in. For example, if you are quiet, creative and analytical person then the wise choice would be choosing someone who is bubbly, ability to network easily and good presentation skills. In this way, it’s a lot easier to split off the amount of work needed to be done by both of you and you’ll be handling the tasks you are expert at.

Example: Annual Dinner & Dance
– Source for external event planning companies (your partner)
– Come up with a suitable theme (you)
– Reach out to target audience to register for the event (your partner)
– Sketch a graph to list the demographics of people registered (you)

4. Work with people you have worked before
This is a common sense advice that you should always work with people who you have great working relationship with in the past projects. But don’t be afraid to have new people whom you haven’t work with to join in the team. Who knows, you might work on a project from a different angle thus learning something yourself too.

IMG_34295. No Friends allow
Working with friends and working with people you work great with are totally different. I could be fantastic friends with Susan*, sharing the same hobbies and passion in life but the moment, she works together with me, I couldn’t stand her work ethics and her laid back approach towards certain areas at work.

It’s not only Susan, I have tried time and time again with others but I was never successful. I did talk to many others and most of them agrees with me, good friends should stay as good friends outside and never draw them in to work next to you. Good colleagues can be your friends eventually outside of work but it can’t never be vice versa.

children-593313_6406. The Positive Ones
Last but not least, if you have the choice, always choose to work with someone passionate, one who is positive and see the positive side of every situation instead of pouring cold water on you at every turn. Usually, these people are driven towards end goal but not forgetting to have fun during the process too. It will definitely make you want to work with them more because they make you appreciative of the results the team achieved.

So do you know now who you work best with? Thank you for reading my articles, you can also follow me at Twitter MiddleMe_net.

Have a Fabulous Friday!

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