Hi Kally,

I’m Shannon here and I don’t know if I have a problem. I’m quite perplexed as I have not been put into this situation before.

I have been an HR assistant in my current company for five years now, the pay has been pretty good and my boss is great however, for the past two years, there are not much promotion going on in my department.

I thought I didn’t mind so much until I was approached by another department’s head to jump over to be her assistant manager for procurement. While procurement is not new to me as I used to be a procurement officer in my previous company, I may have to revise what I previously learn as it’s been five years I am not in that line. The head reassured me that I will catch up very soon.

The problem is that my boss is loggerheads with the procurement head. I don’t want to seem like a traitor if I move over although I don’t want to miss out this chance to be promoted as well. I know I can do well at this new role and I want to have new challenges that this role will bring me.

I have read your articles and they make sense to me. Can you please advice me what should I do?
Thank you.

Shannon W*

Hi Shannon,

First of all, thank you for saying my articles are helpful to you. Congrats on the new offer! You do sound excited over it.

I quite understand the predicament you are in. Since you and your current boss is on good terms, perhaps you can find an opportunity to talk to him or her about this new role being offered to you. As a boss, he should understand that growth is very important to each individual even to himself. If he is as good as you said he is, he should, in fact, push you right out of his department. I know I will if I’m him.

Moreover, your boss should understand that his department is not growing for two years and it is not really within his control sometimes whether there is a demand to hire or promote. By letting your boss know first hand, is giving the respect he deserves before he hears it from others or even worse, his nemesis – your future boss.

If he gets upset, please do gently remind him that you have outgrown your position and hoped that he conduct himself professionally. Highlight to him with added job profile, you can do a lot more for the company and perhaps one day come back to HR department and help him to manage as well.

That being said, when you do move over to the new department, please do not isolate your old colleagues. Proactively ask them out for lunch, include your boss as well. As silly as it sounds, your boss will be happy that you still care for your old department.

I’m sure you will done well in your new role. Have that important talk soon and don’t procrastinate.

Wishing you all the best!


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