If you are manager, you’ll know the difficulty of making the decision whether to hire within or externally. Even you are not involved in decision-making such as this, understanding where your boss comes from, will help yourself to improve the chances of promotion the next time round.

As I am not the one in your company and each company are strategically unique, I can only offer to list out the points for your references.

interview-607713_6401. Work Culture

The person is already integrated into the working environment as well as your company culture. He or she will not have the struggle of adapting into a new environment and learning the basics of who is in charge of stationary or who do I go and look for if the coffee in the pantry is low again, or even when do we have our quarterly review with our directors.

The new he or she may bring in new working culture that may influence others for the better. This is especially obvious in a smaller company where every single voice could be heard. I remembered I used to work in a small education consultation agency where we often eat our lunch on our desk. Ever since, Ken* was hired in as our marketing assistant, he often rally us to have lunches outside, this led to create a better work atmosphere and even our bosses join in every now and then.

startup-594091_6402. Colleagues

He or she is already mingling with the colleagues in the company. Unless he is a social recluse, chances are he gets things done faster because, people know his reputation, probably likes him and want to offer their help quicker.

The new person might need time to build his network around the office. During this sensitive time, he can either step on someone’s foot or be the coolest dude in the office. But it’s always refreshing to have a new person in the office to mingle around with.

3. The JOB

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 11.24.58 pmInternally
You will be getting consistency from the person you promoted and probably, a lot more effort due to the fact, he or she will want to prove to you that he is worthy of the promotion. Together with the two facts above, the job usually will be easier for him to fulfill it quicker.

You will be injecting new blood into the role. Meaning new ideas, innovation and new ways to look into processes that have been in your company for centuries. Be careful though that the new person doesn’t bring along his or her baggage and bad habits from his earlier company.

4. Growth

You will be encouraging multi-skilled employees. If your company is small, this person will be able to jump in temporary to assist when his earlier department is short-handed. You also demonstrated to your team that your company likes to reward good performance by promoting within, this will boost staff morales greatly and they find that there are potential for growth in their career path, in turn work harder towards their goals.

Like mentioned in point 3, you will be offering a fresh outlook into your team. You could also potentially introduce positive competition if you think your team is getting too complacent and comfortable where they are. Moreover, the new person might be bringing in new clients or new contacts from their previous network.


Ultimately, the decision narrowed down who is a better fit for the job with the considerations above. Managers should always seek a fair balance and if possible, explain your decision to your team. You may raising your eyebrows that this, but as a wholesome team, it’s important to allow your team some insight to your decision-making thus guiding them to improve themselves towards your expectations.

I hope my articles have helped you or inspired you in some ways. Please do drop me an email if you are facing with a work issue so I can help you better. Write to me at kally@MiddleMe.net.


7 replies on “Hiring within or outside

  1. Very insightful article for me to read, as I have never been in management. Perhaps it is because of where I live ~ that is, the region and culture ~ but most managers of whom I have ever been aware in my life do not practice the last point you made: Inform your team about your decision, i.e. why and how you made your decision. Also, for the greater part, my observation has been that companies hardly ever promote from within … again, at least in this region and culture. I’ve always asked myself, “Why is this? Wouldn’t it be easier, even if some individual needs additional training? After all, s/he is already here! They already know the company and so many people who work for the company!” Well, anyway … very good and well-written article! Thank you and blessings! 🙂

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  2. Hi Jonathan, thank you so much for your encouragement! Readers like yourself inspire me to write more each day.

    I totally agree with you on the part that companies usually does not want to promote within. One key reason is that a lot of the companies out there do not want to spend the money or the effort in grooming the next wave of generation. In fact, I do know there are selfish folks who does not want to witness the day their staff climb ranks above them, hence the non effort to properly coach and lack of guidance.

    Sad but true, we live in such cynical realistic world.


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