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3 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 28 July

  1. I really love this blog and appreciate the motivation and useful info you provide. I too run a motivational blog and appreciates anyone who is out to help others feel empowered and positive. If you decide to take this blog to the next level and offer a Mobile App version for others to download and be connected on the go my company Zenlight could provide service for an extremely low price, we appreciate the creativity and strength you provide through this awesome blog.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.


    1. Time is the most precious thing we all possess but never seems to have enough of and that is why most of us are selfish to give it away freely. Thank you for telling me that you love my website! I tried my best to bring positive articles and messages to the table to share with those who struggle in their everyday jobs.

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      1. The purpose of your blog gives me great joy.Your goal is to bring a positive message and inspiration to those who need. If only one person read your blog and was inspired, you are a success. Keep up the good work and remember that our rewards in life are in direct proportion to the contribution or service we provide for others.

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