Whether you are a new manager or someone inspiring to climb the ranks or just want to impress your boss, you need to learn what some business abbreviation means. Not only you will understand what bosses are talking about during the meetings or your one on one but it will impress folks when you talk in their “language”.

– AOV = Average Over Value
Usually used in sales term on what is the median value of the sales you have clinched.

– B2B = Business to Business
Means a company selling products or services to another company, main target customer is always businesses

– B2C = Business to Consumer
Opposite of B2B, a company selling to consumers.

– CR = Close Rate
Used to determine total sales revenue over number of sales calls / contact

– CRM = Customer Relationship Management
Usually means the system you used in your company to maintain customer’s relationship by customer service department.

– EOBD or EOD = End of Business Day or End of Day
Usually given as a deadline to submit something.

– ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival
Example: “Please provide the ETA of the completion of this project. ”

– FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Usually meant low-cost goods that sold quickly

– KPI = Key Performance Indicators
The favourite abbreviation of management. Usually they will include different indicators, to know what’s yours, you can refer to your weekly or monthly department report.

– MNC = Multi-National Corporation
A multinational corporation is an organization that delivers services or monitors production in more than one country, but managed from one country.

– NDA = Non Disclosure Agreement
A contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement.

– OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer
A company whose products are used as components in another company’s product.

– POS = Point of Sales

– P&L = Profit and Loss

– QA / QC = Quality Assurance / Quality Control

– QTD = Quarter to Date

-RRP = Recommended Retail Price

– ROI = Return Over Investment
A divide net profit by total assets to determine the efficiency of an investment

– SLA / SLG = Service Level Agreement / Service Level Guarantee
Usually means an agreement of certain service or performance standards have to be reached.

– SRP = Suggested Retail Price

– SEO = Search Engine Optimization

– SME = Small Medium Enterprise or Subject Matter Expert

– TBC = To be Continued

– TBA = To be Advised

– TBD = To be Determined

– VAT = Valued Added Tax

– YTD = Year to Date

Before you start name dropping to everyone, remember I can only give you a general sense of the meanings, please do go and explore deeper what does these abbreviation stands in your company.

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