How to Get Paid to Shop For Others

Do you know how to get the best bargains? Are you always up-to-date when the best sales are? Do you know how to squeeze every cent to get the best deal? Do you get excited or goosebumps whenever you hear the word “Sales” or “Marked down”? If that is a big yes, you may be…

3 Benefits of Mentoring Software

Mentoring software is the game-changing solution that both small and large businesses all over the world are talking about. Mentoring as a whole can boost company culture and productivity in various ways, but not all businesses in the corporate realm are currently aware of the positive impacts that investing in revolutionary mentoring software can bring….

Big data breaking the boundaries of Digital World

Big Data has emerged as one of the most potent technologies diverting the operational business phases in the past few years. Its demand increased rapidly with the broader utilisation in various sectors such as medical, agriculture, manufacturing industries, IT, etc. The future of big data in upcoming years glows as the beam of light because…

Guest Post: Careers, do we have a choice?

When I have the time (in between housework and a screaming toddler), I love to read my followers’ blogs. Sometimes, I am lucky enough to stumble upon great articles that are related to careers – the theme of MiddleMe. Like the one I am about to introduce to you here.