What are Mega, Macro, Micro or Nano Social Media Influencers?

Since the onset of social media, social media influencers have grown in numbers around the globe. Currently, the influencer market is around $10 billion and there doesn’t seem to be a drop in numbers in the near future. You would be surprised to know that influencers are divided into four categories which highlight how large…

How to Hire The Right Freelancer for Your Business?

Planning to get a freelancer for your business? Hiring a freelancer is no easy decision to make because there are a lot of freelancers offering their services in the market. Some of them may not even be in contact with you regularly or have a regular fee for their work. They also have other clients…

Interview with a Freelancing HR Specialist

I have done this interview with Bismah a while ago. She is one of the successful freelancer I have met on Upwork. While to many others freelancing may seem to be an easy task, it can be an uphill battle to find your own niche, hunt for clients who pay well and maintain the same…

Hashtag #LoveFreelancing Inspiration

I totally get it. Freelancing is hard. And it makes you lonely. That is why today I am digging out these #lovefreelancing inspiration tweets to motivate us freelancers!

Tips on How to Balance Business and Solo Parenting

Ask any entrepreneur if running their own business is challenging and you’re sure to receive a resounding yes. Add the responsibility of taking care of your children to the mix and it’d almost seem impossible.

Meow! Snapped by a Pet Photographer

I have such an affinity with photographers and if you have been following MiddleMe, you’ll realize that I have interviewed a handful of them. Maybe because their jobs are so similar to mine – creative and freelancing. While I create with my words, they capture with their lens.