3 Benefits of Mentoring Software

Mentoring software is the game-changing solution that both small and large businesses all over the world are talking about. Mentoring as a whole can boost company culture and productivity in various ways, but not all businesses in the corporate realm are currently aware of the positive impacts that investing in revolutionary mentoring software can bring….

How To Build A Loyal Customer Base

If a company or a business wishes to succeed in the business, they must have loyal customers. These loyal customers come back for many different reasons: from the quality of the products to the services offered by the company. In turn, these customers help your business stay afloat and become a way for others to…

Why I Still Hate Customer Service Chatbots in 2019

When you need some help with any product or service, chances are you have spoken to a chatbot first. Chatbots are now replacing human customer support agents to respond immediately to any inquiries. For companies, this is good because they can now pool their resources somewhere else aka save cost. However, dealing with these bots…

Automating HR: A Luxury Or Must-Have?

Technology is now becoming a vital asset for businesses because it enables them to become more efficient than they usually are with traditional methods. Nowadays, there is a specific type of technology that caters to a certain part of the business.

Where Have All The Smiles Gone?

As you know I’ve been flying in and out of Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, I’m one of the fortunate ones who get to benefit from the new Changi Airport Terminal 4 to the extent of more than once a month.