Being a freelancer is quite daunting anf frankly speaking, you always felt that you are alone in this. Not anymore, MiddleMe is offering a safe haven for all the freelancers out there to read advice, ask questions, share tips and more!

I understand as I am a freelancer now. My journey as a freelancer has been exciting and a huge learning learning curve, and I am willing to share what I have gone through and learn in order for you to have a much easier time as a freelancer.

As a Freelancer, there are many pros and pitfalls as well, if you are aware of the cons, you can make wiser and informed decisions. One of my favourite slogan: “Knowledge is Power.” Whether you are a seasonal freelancer or a newbie getting his toes wet or just someone who is thinking this might be the next course for you in your life, MiddleMe is definitely going to help.

If you have any particular topic you wish to cover, please drop me a comment below.