10 replies on “Weekly Wisdom 14 July

  1. In all seriousness, be your harshest critic of yourself

    The success that other people have
    is those
    in their riches of property and power
    all not enough

    Great successful people are the ones who fear it the most
    from what they have in abundance
    a poor man could
    a piece of bread
    which they threw in the trash
    without asking the satiated
    biting into the piece and wanting to eat it


  2. πŸ’œ I have reached dizzy heights then plunged to rock bottom EveryOne then Recovered; the interesting thing is that “criticism” can be a Gentle Nudge about 3DLife Direction although it Feels like BRUTALITY!!! EveryBody so Don’t Take “criticism” personally especially when it initially STINGS!!!



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