Greetings to MMers,

After running this website for almost 6 years *gasp!*, I think I can safely call my loyal followers as “MMers”.

This Chinese New Year will be a significant one to me because this is the only time, in my entire life, that I will not be spending it with my family back in Singapore. Our Chinese New Year celebration is pretty much like a Thanksgiving dinner as all family members will gather around the table for a grand feast – eating together, exchanging the latest updates in our lives, and catching up with some family gossips. This Chinese New Year also marks the last time I saw my family, and I can’t believe it has been a year already. With the pandemic still happening, most of us understand that this year is different. So for the safety and health of my loved ones, we decided to celebrate together via Zoom.

While many may lament with negativity, I shall start the new year with some positivity!

First off, the vaccination program has been reported to be going well in other countries. This is positive news for all of us! In Singapore, the government has started to roll out the vaccination program in late December and promised that everyone will get vaccinated by the end of September 2021. On the other hand, Malaysia hasn’t started its vaccination program yet, but I believe that it will happen soon. This could mean that we can travel back to Singapore or our families can come over here for visits this year! Finger crossed that this will happen soon.

Next up, I found a new talent in me! Well, I’m actually very good at recruitment, especially with freelancers. I mean, I have been doing recruitment as a part of my management role when I was in the corporate world, and I have been recruiting on and off for some of my clients now that I’m a freelancer. Amazingly, my reputation precedes me as I’ve been invited to work on a special project with an international client, so I’m extremely excited about it. This project allows me to give back to society by creating new job opportunities, especially for those who struggle to break into the freelancing market. And so far, we have successfully recruited 200 freelancers in proofreading, editing, writing, and voice talents. Yipee!

Finally, I’m going to start every month with a rambling post so that everyone will know the latest news about me and the next plans I have on my mind. It will then give you an up-close glimpse into my world.

And before I end this post, I would also like ask for your opinions, gearing MiddleMe to be more reader-centric. So, feel free to feedback away!

Thank you to all my members who have been with me through thick and thin for the past 6 years. I truly appreciate and treasure all your support and encouragement.

Have a Wonderful Chinese New Year, everyone!

81 replies on “Happy Lunar New Year 新年快乐

  1. Happy new year to you. Different times need different celebrations. Celebrate safely where you are. Hope you have a nice celebration on Zoom. Keep positive and well done for your new recruiting role. To great year to come Kally.

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  2. Nice To Know
    You Are From
    Singapore Middle Me
    Wanna Have Blog Friends
    From All Countries
    My Grandfather From
    Ireland My Wife’s
    From The
    And my 23andme
    Ancestry includes
    From the 1800’s
    Too True We All




    Within Us Too
    Star Dust in Our
    Blood Iron in Earth
    Core too Happy Chinese

    New Year
    To You

    Woman You
    Are Yet Sadly in
    A World in Many

    Are Still

    Slave And
    Not Free Your
    Wings From the


    So Nice to Breathe🦋😊




    All Stars ⭐️

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  3. Happy Chinese New Year, Kally! It is sad you can’t celebrate it with your family back in Singapore, but at least everyone is safe. I hope that this year, you guys can start traveling again between Singapore and Malaysia. In Taiwan, the authorities are not keen on opening borders for international travel anytime soon which is understandable.
    Congrats on being involved in that project and providing job opportunities to so many freelancers, which is very much needed during these tough times.

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  4. Happy Chinese New Year, Kally. Good to hear your work and opportunities are giving you encouragement and good to hear your optimism for the end of all this and safe travel experiences again. Thank you for sharing good news.

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  5. Happy New Year of the Ox 🐮, dear friend. Whenever the Lord and I “walk around the world” we always stop in Malaysia and “visit” and talk about you, asking Him to bless you and your family.
    I wish you all Father’s best in the coming year!
    your friend always, c.a.

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  6. Kally, we have become friends, not just because of what you are doing, BUT, also because of the wonderful person you are. So I too thank and congratulate you.

    My “sage” advice is to just keep on; KEEPING ON! (We only fix things that are broken or in need of repair.) YOU and what your contributing to Society, fit neither category. …So my advise is to not to try to “fix” something that is working so very well.

    The “gabbing” you propose is just “icing on the cake.”

    So sorry, about your postponed reunion! : – (
    But with your dexterity with electronic things; I’m sure your not completely isolated. STILL, your little one, has really gotta be missing gradma, and grandpa. BUMMER!

    Hugs and prayers

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    1. Yeah, my little one has been asking me why grandpa and grandma can’t come to our house anymore. It’s been a year since she got their hugs and kisses. We do send each other presents via slow mail. We will push forward and push on.

      Thank you so much! Stay healthy and happy.


  7. It must be a little sad not to be able to be with your loved ones at this very momentous time. However, as you said, Kally; the vaccinations are beginning and look extremely promising for getting some semblance of normality back for us all, and relatively quickly.
    Here in Australia the roll out will begin later this month – February; with the entirety (for those who want the vaccination) to be completed by Oct 21. Very promising indeed.
    And lastly – congratulations on all of your successes. I’m sure there must be a host of individuals whose work has been uplifted by your involvement.

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