An exciting way to market a business today is by holding a live screen printing event. The attendees not only enjoy the event, but they will also have a tangible souvenir of the company’s activity. Thus, a live screen printing business is an effective way to promote awareness of brands and businesses. As with any business, it comes with pros and cons. If you are planning to put up a live screen printing business, read up to know more about its advantages and disadvantages.



  • Fun.
    Like other small businesses that require creativity and imagination, a live screen printing business is a fun way to unleash all those awesome ideas inside your head and bring joy to your clients at the same time. You and your team get to create the designs before the event. These designs will be based on the theme provided by the client, and from there you can just let your imaginations run wild. You get to work with an amazing team with members sharing the same passion. Now, what could be more fun than that?
  • Travel.
    Since your clients can come from various places, your team have the chance to explore new places, see new faces, and enjoy all the perks of traveling. This perk of having a live screen printing business helps enhance your skills in dealing with people from different cultures and boost your confidence.
  • Professional Development.
    You have the chance to meet different kinds of people in the business and different kinds of clients. You go home after each theme and event and bring with you a different kind of experience each time. You gain valuable knowledge from each experience, which helps you develop professionally.
  • Demand.
    Businesses always have a reason to celebrate, and since a live screen printing business is also a marketing tool, you’ll never run out potential customers if you’re diligent enough to do your marketing. Showcase your imagination to keep the business going. As soon as you develop your first projects, ensure that you keep samples of each to add to your sample portfolio.
  • Time.
    Because you only work on call, you can choose the work you want to do. You are so lucky to be among those who are not tied to working eight tedious hours every day. And since you get to work per project, you don’t have to worry about paying your team per week or month.
  • Space.
    You don’t need to have a huge space for your business because you only need to house your equipment and tools. As long as you have your website put up complete with contact details, you are good to go.



  • Pressure.
    When you have established your business and the events keep coming, you may feel stressed out with the different designs you have to prepare. Also, each client will have a theme as a basis for your designs, so it is crucial that you and the client develop the same understanding of the theme.
  • Other Stuff.
    Printing and designing are not the only tasks you have to do. You and your team are responsible for bringing your equipment over to the venue and bring it back to your storage location. You need to prepare for the appropriate and safe transportation of your tools and equipment.
  • Feedback.
    Expect to hear both positive and negative feedback from attendees of events that you hold a live screen printing. Nobody can please everyone – we all know that. However, you should take their feedback constructively and make it a learning experience.
  • Quality.
    Regardless of when you feel at your best or when you feel sick, you have to maintain the same quality of products that you create. You and your team should develop a great working relationship and ensure that you help each other and bring the best out of yourselves. Excellent teamwork will help your team develop a loyal customer base since they can see that you have each other’s back to create quality prints.
  • Manpower.
    When hired for big events, you may need to find additional manpower to accommodate the need to assist the attendees. You need to interview and screen these additional people before taking them to the team. You may also need to provide a short training for these recruits to ensure a smooth flow of operations on site.


Like other businesses, live screen printing comes with its advantages and disadvantages. If you are interested in putting up a live screen printing business, it pays to know what to expect from such a relatively new business. Setting your expectations appropriately will help you become successful in any business you want to venture into.

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