Browsing for something to read while waiting for my Uber driver to arrive, I came across an interesting article that benefits me. Recently, I have been listening to podcasts and found that some channels are really beneficial and educational.

Nici from Lost For Words seems to think so as well with her article on the best business podcasts.

If you’re starting a business or looking to grow your small business, podcasts can be a great way to research. Business podcasts for start-ups are an amazing tool for the busy entrepreneur because you can listen to them on the go, during a tea break or while you catch up on admin.

I started my full-time freelance journey two months ago and have found myself guzzling as many business podcasts as I can. They’re great for top tips, to refresh your knowledge and to learn from the journeys of already successful entrepreneurs. I’ve compiled a list of my favourite business podcasts below especially for you.

5 business podcasts for start-ups:

Soulful PR


About: Insider tips and strategies to help you get PR for your business. Hosted by journalist award winning Guardian journalist, Janet Murray, with some highly successful and inspirational guests, and brimful of practical tips.

Best Episode: How to build relationships with influencers

Average length: 30 minutes

Stage One Startup


A weekly interview with some of the most influential and innovative entrepreneurs around the globe. Full of handy tools and advice to help start-up’s implement their business plan.

Best Episode: The essential guide to mastering your side-hustle with Danny Buck

Average length: 50 minutes

Startups For The Rest of Us



About: Help for developers, designers and entrepreneurs to be awesome at launching software products. Conversational style with some useful hands-on tips.

Best Episode: Harnessing the power of your marketing data

Average length: 30 minutes

Freelance Lifestyle


About: A bite-size podcast about freelancing and working from home. I love listening to these super quick podcasts when I’m taking a tea-beak or need to step away from my computer for a moment. Lots of useful tips about freelancing in general.

Best Episode: What drives you as a freelancer? A 5-part podcast series

Average length: Only 3 minutes!

Copyblogger FM


About: A short-form broadcast hosted by a cast of rotating experts who analyse the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and more.

Best Episode: Getting over the fear of selling

Average length: 20 minutes.

Dig in, turn up and tune into some amazing advice. There you have it, my top 5 business podcasts for start-ups that I’ve discovered over the past few months. Why not listen to one episode of each and figure out which fits podcast your needs best? What’s your favourite? Do you know of any other business podcasts? Tell me in the comments below. Good luck growing your business!

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