We often have bad thoughts creeping into our minds particularly after a bad situation. Before acting out in anger or berating yourself in shame, take a deep breath and here are the ways to turn your negative thoughts around.


Distract Yourself
Unable to stop the negative thoughts from flowing in, take a break from your desk and venture out into the greenery outside your office for a breather. Letting your mind get distracted by something other than letting those negative thoughts lingering around.


Food for Thoughts
Sometimes we feel much much better after a good meal. A friend of mine loves to binge on food whenever she is depressed or frustrated with something and she always felt better once she is full.


Exercise the Demons Away
Sweating out your frustrations is a good way to keep fit and stay focused on your problem. After a good workout and a cold shower, usually you will be energized to tackle your negative situation.


Find a sobbing shoulder
This is one of my favourite. I find that whenever I find my bitching partner at work and let it off my chest, I feel like a burden lift off my shoulders. Sometimes we are all looking for empathy.


Open Your Mind to Positive
There are always two sides of a situation and it is our instincts to always see the bad side first. It’s our human way of protecting ourselves. Stop and look over to the other side, what are the positive aspects of this situation?


Write it Out
Even if you don’t have a friend to lend you their shoulder or listening ear, pen down the negative thoughts on a piece of paper. Upon completion, read aloud to yourself (you may find it sounding ridiculous in your ears) and tear your frustrations away.


Give Back to Society
Counterattack your negativity with something positive in life, like volunteering or charity work. More than often, we feel much better every time we helped someone in need.


Cuddle a Pet
I find this particular soothing. Whenever I felt frustrated, I’ll cuddle up my kittens, their purring helps to calm me down and always set me thinking aloud, “If they can love and trust me, I should believe more in myself.”


Taking a shower
Scrubbing yourself clean and emerging clean and fresh from the showers often leave a ready-to-battle mode against any negativity. It’s hard to feel defeated when you feel fresh.


Dream Your Thoughts Away
Fatigued and tiredness can make your negative thoughts stay in your mind longer. Taking a deep nap will make you instantly better and more energize. ย 

Do you have a method of our own? Come and share with us in the comments below.

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44 replies on “10 Ways to U-turn a Negative Thought

  1. When possible I take my dog out for a walk in the woods. Nature always soothes me and makes me happy. Or I play my harp: it’s impossible to stay negative when I hear & feel the healing sound of the strings …

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  2. If you are putting a lot of yourself into your job then pride comes in to play. No one wants to mess something up and look bad.

    I had a situation that for the guest did not turn out well. Our General Manager was not happy. I started to dwell on it for a while but then just brushed it off. I am a great employee so what is going to happen. Instead of worrying and being negative, I investigated what went wrong and worked on correcting the solution. It turns out, it was not even my fault and was due to poor clerical work from someone else.

    At work, mistakes are an opportunity to correct and improve upon.

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    1. Well spoken from an experience person. I’m sure you handled the situation well and did not let you affect your performance or your mood. A pat on the back!!


  3. hi Kally,
    even if I don’t see yet your post, I have the habit to take a cold shower to turn my negative thouh and thank you ffor tne 9 rests of your advice
    Excuse me for the english not very correct

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  4. Great suggestions! For me, there’s definitely nothing like a nice warm shower or a good meal. I definitely find deep breathing and writing the negative thought down super helpful too. Sometimes when you see it on paper you can see how silly it sounds and can counteract it with a positive thought!

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    1. Great tip to write the negative thoughts down. I used to do that in the school days and write all my nightmares and negative thoughts on slips of paper and burn them away. Made me feel better immediately!

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  5. I definitely love to vent my frustrations, if I don’t it will become bottled up and eventually explode some time down the line. Also, after a trying day at work I like to eat pizza, but then pizza is so good that I tend to find myself having a lot of trying days at work. Lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post, I really enjoyed reading it. Best of Wishes–Lindsey V.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lindsey. I do on some days feel like an overstretched balloon, ready to pop. Grabbing a listening ear definitely helps to ease some of the air out.


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