Dear Kally,

I’m Lewis, a young graduate out of fashion design school overseas and recently I went home and landed myself a good job as an apprentice at a small local fashion house. The thing is that the town I lived in is pretty small and close knitted. All is fine except that in the office most of my colleagues are female and the only two male figure are me and the old guy who handles mail.

I couldn’t join in most of their conversations however, I’m not exactly excluded. I could see the effort the ladies make, including me in lunches and after work drinks. Still I do feel lonely at times and I do wish there are more male workers in my company. I know it’s something I can’t control. The problem is that the word has gotten out that I’m back and I worked in a fashion house. People around the neighbourhood have been giving me weird looks or they are whispering behind me. I usually ignore them but it’s getting to my parents who is dropping big hints that I should switch careers.

I do love what I am doing now and I don’t see why I should walk away from it when I have don’t nothing wrong. When I told my colleagues and my boss at work about this, all I get are sympathetic looks.

Could you give me any good advice?

Thank you!

Sincerely from,
Lewis Jr

Dear Lewis,

I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling to survive in a tiny room while your creativity is bursting to let out. It must be hard to bear after all the exposure you have experience during your stint in overseas. You must have a hard time fitting in your old social circle!

The question to ask yourself if whether you think the current position gives you an added boost in your career despite the misery you are feeling about your surroundings. The second question you should ask yourself if the misery you are feeling will hinder your job growth and passion. If you think you can overcome this issue in time to come, by all means strive on. You now have more to prove than yourself to make it successful in your industry, your hometown.

However, if you think it will cause you more misery by staying around people who don’t believe in you, do explore other options. Don’t give up your dreams for the sake of others. If your hometown is unable to sustain your passion and embrace who you are, perhaps a change in environment will do you some good. You can choose to see if you can endure your current situation and if it will improve over time, meanwhile it is good that you start sending out your resumes to bigger fashion houses elsewhere.

I wish you all the best in searching the perfect conducive environment to hone your talent. Remember, don’t give up!

Thank you for writing to me.


28 replies on “A Word of Advice:Fashion Passion

  1. Great post and your advice was spot on.
    The only thing that will add is that people need to stay away from negativity. Negative people can bring you down so quick that it can happen before you can even realize it.

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  2. That was superb kally but young people need to have courage to react and not just carried away by the circumstances. Trust yourself and and act with positive open mind. This world is full of opportunities for people to explore but the success will come only with a rock like vision and elasticity in mind for those who keep smiling in tough conditions

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  3. I second VAVA’s response. Lewis is young and his life is just beginning. He can either speak up for himself or move on to greener pastures, if he feels that he can no longer endure the location where he works (and lives) now.

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  4. Great advice Kally! You must be an old soul or that is an old pic! Always follow your heart and accept that there will always be duality in life. We all need to stand up for ourselves, feel the vulnerability of it, but also the amazing freedom that comes with it!

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  5. Woow..I would say to such a person, as long as he’s happy with his work, he should keep on smiling, in fact, when you he sees them whispering, he should say hi or hello with a big smile while he walks along…a happy face and smile is intoxicating and Contagious. It kills negativity before it gets to one.

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